Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I'd just copy and paste today's journal entry for you.

This weekend we went to Fort Worth for Talmage's Air Force Reserve weekend. Saturday they had a picnic put on for the Reserve's families. The food was amazing, probably the best BBQ hamburgs I've had or at least near the top. The kids played in the bouncy gym thing and I got a chance to rest and relax and nurse Olive. We went and watched the engineer softball squad play another squad. It was a relaxing comfortable day. We went back to the hotel and watched the Office. I took Heber and Hannah with me to the work out room and did some cycling before dinner. After dinner Talmage went and worked on homework. He has been doing his Masters of Business online. He had a month break, which was nice but is now back to the books. Hopefully he doesn't get too burnt out before school starts in the Fall. Hopefully I don't get burnt out from the extra duties I take on when he is busy with his school work.

Sunday I took the children to church. It was an uplifting experience. Much of all the meetings where centered around being prepared, even sacrament. They talked being prepared for calamities that preceded the Second Coming. Most importantly being ready for when a tornado come. A place in Missouri was hit by a tornado and the bishop spoke on going there and the peoples experience with the tornado. Our activity tonight for Family Home Evening will be getting our seventy-two hour kit together. We went to the park area by the lake on base and ate lunch and waited an hour or two for Talmage. Beautiful lake there on base. Heber and Hannah particularly liked the geese, ducks and birds.

Today is Monday and there is nothing too out of the ordinary. Exercise and scripture reading with Talmage. Making his lunch. Feeding kids. Signing and sending our lease for our apartment in Blacksburg, VA, where Virginia Tech is. Cleaning couch cushions and disciplining Heber for coloring on them. An now writing in my journal. Maybe I'll take the kids to the park later today.