Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Thanks to the gentle persuasion of Melanie I am going to school this semester. I am taking three classes online. Two of them are half a semester long, one in the first half, the other in the second half. Plus the one that is a semester long. The half semester long class I am taking first is on Digital Art and the semester long one is on Marriage and the Family Relationships. I like them both.
My second emphasis is Art. It is the easiest way to go since I took a couple of art classes my first two years of college. I am taking the the Family class as an upper devision hum/soc.
Anyways, schools fun and I really like online classes. I thought that I wouldn't because of all the reading and not hearing a teacher lecture but I think I learn more in less time and on my own schedule. I can stop what I am doing and clean the house, feed the kids, change a poopy diaper, play with the kids, start dinner or whatever. I wish that my two classes next semester where online. I have to take one more senior electrical class and the history of engineering. Then I will be DONE!!! YEAH!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!! ...ok I am calm.
We have a neighbor named Kobie (I think of Tobie first and then his name) on one side and the neighbor on our other side is named Keith. Put them together and you have a country singer. Well kind of.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I found a bath toy in the toilet last night. I have my suspicions as to which kid it was. I caught her red handed this morning putting her hand in the toilet.

Friday, September 11, 2009

When I turn on the vacuum Heber gets all scared and starts crying and screaming. Hannah, however, starts crawling towards it and is all interested in it. Even a big scary vacuum can't overpower her curiosity.

Heber likes the vacuum only when it is off.

I caught them playing with the vaccum but they crawled away before I could go get my camera.

She might look innocent... but there is untammed curiosity locked up inside her.She seems to be starting in the ways of another little feller I know

Home Fixin' Upin'

Talmage and I tried to finish the painting job that Jacob, angel and I started. We ran out of paint and I have been putting it off because I was unsure about getting the paint color to match perfectly. I mixed up a batch of paint yesterday and finished most of the job. It matches seemlessly. I was unable to get the really high spots. Talmage will have to get it with a ladder. I also faux finished some walls. It took all day. I think I did a great job. I like it but I am just not sure that I like it in my house. I am not sure if it really fits me. I figure if it still doesn't seem to fit I can just paint over it. Here are a lot of pictures.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I don't know if anyone thought the last post was funny but I did. And to continue it I found this gem:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Its Too Late To Jazzercise

I just heard the song "It's Too Late to Apoligize" on the radio. When I hear that song I think, "It is Too Late to Jazzercise" and then I think of Jana.

Here is a mental image for you. Imagine Jana rushing the kids so she can take them to jazzercise with her and they are being all slow and stuff. All this is happening in a music video where that song is playing, the jazzercise version of course and singers singing in the background all pop star like. Image her standing by the kitchen counter and dramatically putting her head in her hands because she is realizing that she just might be "too late to Jazzercise".

Giggling Babies

Last night after dinner Hannah left out a big burp. Heber started laughing hysterically at her. It was funny.

They are so cute together. Right now they are playing in the bathroom, one of their favorite places. (They love the old formula bottles stacked in there and the title floor.) They talk and giggle at each other as if they are talking together. It is so cute.

By the way, do I talk to much about my kids on my blog. I can't help it, they are just so cute. I will try to remember to post other stuff though too.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

eat or sleep

Heber and Hannah generally take naps around the same time. Today was an exception. Hannah was tired, I could tell by her fussiness and didn't want to drink her milk. Heber although tired would rather drink his bottle instead of napping.
So here is my question:
If you were worn out would you choose eating over sleeping or sleeping over eating?