Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 Things That I Like About Virginia

  1. It is so stinking green and beautiful. Plus the whole town is cute and I love just admiring the cute shutters and architecture.
  2. The air is so crisp and delicious (not that I eat it or anything) and the tap really water tastes like bottled water.
  3. There are a lot more younger women in my ward here and most of their families live far away also so it seems easy to make friends.
  4. One of my new friends is from Brazil and I am learning a little about their culture and how to cook their yummy food.
  5. I feel like there are more things for the kids to do here such as the duck pond, parks, playgroups, libraries, etc.
  6. Everything is a lot closer proximity such as stores, Talmage's school, etc. (Well everything but the temple which brings me to my next point.)
  7. We got to go to DC and do a little bit of site seeing and see the Washington DC temple, the Washington Monument, the Capital Building and the White House.
  8. We went to a VT football game and the energy of the crowd was fun.
  9. Most importantly I love that I'm with Talmage and our kids wherever we go. And that extended family is just a phone call or a Skype away.
  10. I feel like I am becoming a better person and learning a lot from others.