Wednesday, May 19, 2010

End of Semester Vacation - Day Before

I went with Talmage to his weekend Air Force drill this last weekend. The kids went with Lindsay to Gamma rays and Gampa Rays in Globe.

The day before we left we did a deep spring cleaning. Say goodbye to the sweet fingerprints. Say hello to a cleaner house.

Talmage had finished school the day before and didn't start work until the next Monday. This was the first day off he had in a long while.We went to the Mall and then to Red Robin with Hebs, Hans, Kimball and his girl. I took entirely too many photos of Heber and Hannah at this play place.

My sweet little posers:

We stayed the night at Lindasys and watch movies.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chocolate vs Flowers

At church they normally give out flower(s) or chocolate, or both. If you had to chose between flowers or two big candy bars what would it be and why?

The poll is in and we have a winner... Chocolate! 75% said they prefer chocolate. I took Kimball's comment, "candy and soda" as chocolate over flowers. Although he is not a woman and should not be in this poll. OK, Kimball your out. Sorry. That brings out chocolate lover down to 71%.

The reason I asked this question is because the men in our ward gave us chocolate. I personally would chose flowers over chocolate. I have told Talmage before never to buy me chocolate, candy, or soda as a gift, it would just be a waste of his cold hard cash. don't get me wrong it is good on rare occasions, it was welcomed this mothers day. Not preferred, still welcomed.

If everything was up to my tastes then we would have unsatisfied mothers on mothers day that would never feel appreciate. And they would never get that thanks that only a melt in your mouth chocolate could say. Kinda makes ya hungry, doesn't it?

Typical Tuesday Morning

I wrote this post yesterday but didn't post it til today. I didn't want to steal Talmage's B-day thunder. This morning the kids ate some oatmeal and then we went outside. I did some weeding. They tried to "help". Heber was moving rocks out of the grassy area (someday will be grassy area) to the rock area.

Hannah working busily, as she always seems to be. She gets so focus into what ever she is doing. Can you figure out what she is trying to do here:

It's OK, I don't now what she is doing either but what ever she does she does it so busily.

They love playing outside and I love that they can't really make a huge mess out there, well excluding the dirt on Hannah's face.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Talmage's Birthday

Talmage turned 25 yesterday.At the Hansen's we celebrate birthdays differently then the typical. We have birthday week, an idea that we stole from The Great Steven R. Covey. We plan ahead of time when we want it to start. It is typically on a Sunday or Monday. Talmage's birthday just so happened to fall on a Monday and so we started it then.

Here he is with Hannah after her bath yesterday.

We both had final(s) yesterday. Instead of staying at school and studying for tomorrow he came home with me early to hang out with the fam on his B-day. He had one final back to back so I brought him TB to scarf down in between. He said everyone was all envious.I also got some Hawaiian BBQ to bring home for dinner. He loves anything BBQ. Made him a strawberry shake for desert and we had some cake left over that I made for a bridal show.

He got lots of calls/texted from his family. The birthday spirit was in the air and he enjoyed it. Happy B-day Talmage!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day came at the perfect time. Talmage canceled the ward mission meeting that is normally before church. Instead he stayed home and made breakfast, dressed the kids for church, and feed them lunch. It was so nice, especially because I was feeling the start of getting sick so I was able to take a morning and afternoon nap after church and I feeling a little better. It seems like when the semester is finishing up and things start slowing down I get sick.

Talmage also got me a new camera! I am so excited! Here are a few pictures that I took this morning:
Heber getting his snuggles in.
Hannah acting so busy as she curiously is looking at things here and there:

Heber being disciplined by Talmage:
Today I kept thinking over and over again how much I loved my little ones and how Mother's Day wouldn't be right with out them. They are in the little kids nursery now (I am in the older nursery). I was so touched when I got a book mark that they colored for me. Actually Hannah didn't color her's, she probably tried to eat her crayon thou. I used to wonder if all these picture kids colors for their parents meant anything to them. It does.

I love being a mom!

Just curious what you thought:

At church they normally give out flower(s) or chocolate, or both. If you had to chose between flowers or two big candy bars what would it be and why?