Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chapter 3 Ends

As Rachel and I were driving tonight the feelings of one chapter of our lives closing and another one beginning caused us to think back on our marriage and divide it into actual chapters (just in case anyone ever wants to write a book about us and needs some help organizing it). So far it would go like this:

Chapter 1: Newly Weds in Tempe
Chapter 2: New House, Twins and ASU
Chapter 3: Olive and Austin
Chapter 4: Virginia and Grad School

We are just beginning the fourth chapter and can barely contain ourselves. Today was my last day of work and tomorrow we will begin the two day trek to Arizona. After a couple of weeks there we will go across the country to Virginia for at least (and probably) a year.We have painstakingly managed to sell all of our furniture, store somethings at our peeps in Globe and downsize much of our possessions to be able to make the move in one Kia Sedona.

We will be leaving Kimball behind to finish up our 6 month lease. I am still amazed that he is here in Austin, essentially doing the job I did here, and making just as much if not more (He gets overtime at 1.5 rate while I stay at my normal rate for overtime. I think it's weird. If we both work 40, I make more. If we both work 50, he makes more.). Four months ago neither of us knew Austin and now he occupies the same desk as me. We are both learners of GIS (Geographic Information Science), he from the geography discipline and I from the engineering. It is so wonderful to have family around. I think he feels a little overwhelmed by the expectations they have for him but I am sure that he will get a lot out of these next 5 months here.

Lately, I have become a devoted supporter of Google. It came by no one's persuasion. It simply started as a realization that I can do so much with simply a Google account. For instance, I get online and begin to Google something (typical). I'm already here so I sign in. What do I want to do? Check my email? Read the latest news customized to my interests and past history (who better then Google to draw from a variety of legitimate sources?). Okay, not a whole lot new going on. Federal budget talks continue to get closer to finding bipartisan solutions (I hope) and tablets and smartphones continue to permeate the market.

How about I check out the news going on among family and friends? I could use Google+ (Google's version of Facebook, but with a format that I find more appealing) for some fun, harmless chat. But I've already talked with the same 5 people on there and there isn't much else going on (It has a long way to go to even compete with fb.).

No, I'm feeling like using Google Reader. Here I can quickly see which blogs or news feeds have new items that I haven't read without going to each sight and checking them (You have to try it to appreciate it). Depending on my objective I am a click away from my calendar (which syncs with my phone, but only one way. I need to look into that), YouTube, maps, books, etc. Now if only Google would manage my money.... Is there such a thing as Google Bank? That'd be nice.

Anyway it sounds like a way to waste even more time online than we already do; but, despite my attempts to convince, it has actually made my Internet time more purposeful and effective. I feel like I am in the driver's seat of my computer seat.

And if you stuck around here is a photo of our kids, each with their blanket from Granny Goose (i.e. their Great-Grandma, being their dad's dad's mom).

Thursday, July 21, 2011