Saturday, August 15, 2009


I survived triplets for two days, well, Heber, Hannah and Thane that is. Some highlights where feeding all three of them at once. Them taking a bath together. I wish I got a picture but it is a little hard when your trying to get them clean and stuff. At play time Thane was all nervous to play with Heber and Hannah. They thought he was interesting and would crawl up to him and touch him and stuff, which would make him more scared and he would quiver his bottom lip and then start crying.

I think that anyone who has triplets and watches them day in and day out must be pretty amazing and patient and handle stress well and have constant energy. If their final judgment was up to me I would give them a free ticket to heaven.

But all and all, it was fun and I love my little nephew. He is a cute that is for sure.

Friday, August 14, 2009

More Mile Stones

Heber's bottom teeth just came through today. Surprisingly he has been really good for the last couple of days. Last week when we were in Globe he started scooting and Hannah learned to sit from a crawling position. Hannah crawls and scoots.

It is so cute seeing them crawl and follow each other everywhere.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Capstone Project

Right now I am trying to finish some stuff for school that I should have finished a long time ago. It is a few porfolios, eight to be exact and a final exam for to incompleted classes. I can't believe that I have let them loom over my had this long, I really need to bulk down. Don't get me wrong, I have worked on them but just not enough.
Oh by the way, I never showed off my capstone project from last semester. Here is a prototype of our helicopter landing platform. It is supposed to be mounted to a ship and counter the movements of the ship so that it stays flat, making it easier for a helicopter to land on.


Hannah can army crawl. She uses on elbow to pull herself across the flow. Her first time to really do this July 24th to be exact. She has tried to crawl on her hands and knees but she only seems to scoot backwards and get frustrated, then starts to cry. Sweet baby girl.
So now she is quietly, contentedly scooting from one disaster to the next. I just had to pull out from under her crib where she scooted and then tried to crawl, pouting because she didn't couldn't crawl forward.
Yesterday we went swimming, Hannah and Heber's fourth time swimming. When we got to the hotel that we were staying at while Talmage was a Luke Airforce Base, I put Hannah down and she fell asleep instantly swaddled in a towel in her wet bathing suit. Heber loves to kick his feet while he swims and goes wild. He is pretty good at floating and stays relaxed when we hold him on his back. When we try to put Hannah on her back she tenses up and curls up like a little potato bug. All that playing can tucker a baby out.
I has been extra fun lately trying to get Heber and Hannah to laugh. Hannah even will laugh before you even tickle her, after she has been tickled for a while of course.


I have to rate this summer a 7. All in all it was not bad, not excellent, just good. Some of the highlights are:
  • Taking care of my kiddos and seeing them grow, play and enjoy all their cuteness.
  • Riding tandem with Tamage to prepare for the El Tour de Tucson.
  • Visit's to Globe. I'll admit it gets scary and involves a lot of trust.
  • Hanging with the family and seeming them progress, like Jacob getting ready to go on a mission, birthdays and Caleb graduating. I still can't believe that Jacob will be gone in about a week.
  • Getting to know people around here more.
  • Going swimming with the babies
  • Hot dates with my husband
  • Girls nights, especially staying up late hanging out with Amanda
  • Taking care of my garden and seeing it grow
  • Painting the office, stairway and part of the upstairs (still need to finish some of the upstairs). It was really fun spending time with Talmage, Jacob and Angel as we painted. Thanks for you help guy!
  • Getting hair cut with Talia. Seeing the nieces and nephews. Babysitting McKay and Brandi's sweet boys.
  • Getting my hair recut by Nikki.
  • Spending time with Talmage and the babies at Luke Airforce Base while Talmage was on tour. Oh and having Kimball visit us and tell us about his then new girlfriend, maybe soon to be wife, don't really know.
  • Hanging out with my friend, Diana and some of Talmage's friend's from Globe.
  • One of the best things about summer is not to have Talmage in school. Although he is working it is not near as bad as going to school because of all the homework that needs to be done and never seems like it gets caught up.
That's all for now.

Right now, Talmage is out at Luke Airforce Base now and will return Sunday, just in time for the Hansen family get together. Then we will be going to Globe where Talmage has been doing mapping, GIS stuff there. It seems like the past couple of weeks we have been switching from Queen Creek one week then to Globe another week.