Friday, June 18, 2010

So I don't mean to leave you hanging but I haven't found out that I am or am not possibly having twins. Funny story. So Hannah decided to rearrange my wallet for me. I haven't been able to find two of the most important things yet, my driver's license and debit card. Oh and my military ID is missing and I am guessing that is going to be a pain to replace. Ironically, the unimportant stuff like my Bashas card. . . I'm a Fry's girl.

Anyways, I searched everywhere for them. Yeah, even garbage cans full of poopy diapers. I wasn't able to find any of them. I had five days to find my cards before my appointment, but nothing. I canceled my appointment and ordered new cards. I have been house bound for a week now because I have no driver's license. I haven't bought anything because I don't have a debit card and I would need proof of ID if I use a check.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer School

I have two more classes and then I will be officially done! I am taking both classes this summer. The first one is called Southwest Gardening and I love it so much! I really am learning a lot and hopefully my backyard will have more to it than a pile of dust. Actual picture of my backyard below:

The second class I am taking and starts in July when my gardening class is done is called History of Technology. I might be taking this with Talmage. It sounds interesting and I have already started to read the book for it. I like the book so far it is called from Leonardo to the Internet and talks about how culture, economics and society affected what happened technology wise. Which is opposite of most history books that say technology drives culture or economics.

I don't consider history of technology a technical class (ex: math, science or hard core engineering), I finished my last technical class this spring and it is such a huge relief to have those done!

Anyways, these are my last two classes. I am glad I got to save some of the best for last.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Talmage and I were originally going to move into Tempe for the summer and rent out our house. It seemed like Talmage would have a lot on his plate and taking two hours or more out of driving to Tempe each day for school and work seemed like a pretty good idea.

We had a few different people wanting to rent our house this summer, who found us at ldshousing. We had a renter lined up and place to rent but for some reason it didn't feel right. We told our renter and offered her to stay in our guest room, which she excepted gladly. She was supposedly going to come the 15th of June and she is a graduate student and currently in England... supposedly. She said that her dad would send the check for the deposit and first month's rent. He sent me over $3000 and asked me to take the deposit and first months rent out and then send the rest to his daughters travel agent to arrange her flight. I went to cash the check and it was a FRAUD! Can you believe it. Weird. Needless to say, we ended up not moving. The banker lady told me that if someone wants you to send money elsewhere for them, it is most likely a scam. If we would have moved we would have already said no to other real renters and had no one renting our house and we would be paying for both. It goes to show that if you prayerfully consider something the Lord will look out for you. The good thing out of this all is that my guest bedroom is completely clean! ... my garage, not so much.

Anyways, this semester is not as bad as we thought it was going to be for Talmage. He is taking a programming class and a geographic information systems class, GIS, and he says they are fairly easy especially because he has experience with GIS. He is also working on his capstone project and working part time. He has only had to stay in town at Lindsay's house two times.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So I have a doctors appointment Tuesday and I hope that I get to find out how many babies or lack of babies I am having. That probably sounds weird to you. Some explanation? Well, after having fraternal twins once my chances of having twins again goes from 1 out of 90 to 1 out of 12. My odds are good that I'll have a single baby but the thought of twins does keep resurfacing and has made me lose a tiny bit of sleep at night. And as cool as two sets of twins may sound to everyone that gets to see pictures of them and dote over them and then send them home, another set of twins to me sounds very daunting.

I know that all mothers with new babies are sleep deprived and it is not a walk in the park, but I just think it would somehow be easier with one instead of two.Now just to clear things up, I am glad that I have Heber and Hannah and I love them and couldn't give either of them away.

I am sure God will always give me enough so that I will always turn for him for help. Just how much that is, time will tell. When it comes down to it, it is not about how much I can handle or think I can't handle, it is about something much bigger then me.

I wouldn't want to go back and have one born years later either, if I had the ability. I am glad they are twins because they make each other and us so happy. I am grateful to be able to have them in my life. And I don't mean to sound like I don't want to have a baby. This pregnancy was planned and the timing feels right.

I bet if I do end up having twins again I will change my attitude to fit the situation but the thought of another set of twins is wearying... and triplets, I don't even think I can go there, the thought will drive me insane.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Miss, Little Miss Hannah - 18 months

She really gets into whatever she is doing. She gets very focused when she is doing something like taking the wipes out and then puts them back into the container. She can spend so much time in the toy basket just playing by herself.

Hannah acts like a little mom. When Heber is throwing away his diaper, Hannah is right behind him to make sure he does. Often, I will hear her talking to Heber, in gibberish of course, telling him sweetly now this is how this is done and that is how that is done.

Lately, she has been getting this strong brow thing going on and we found out that she is trying to mimic us when we discipline her. It makes you want to discipline her for no reason, but I resist the urge. I didn't get a picture, I didn't want to wake her up.

Hannah can be as sweet as a lamb, but if crossed is a little sassy thing.

Her smile and laugh definitely brighten my day!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Heber -18 months

I figured I would do a highlight on each kid. First Heber then Hannah.

Heber LOVES shoes. He tries on Talmage's shoes several times a day. Lately his favorite shoe of Talmage's is his square-toed church shoes. In the morning he will grab his shoes and bring them to me to put them on. The whole time instructing me to put the next shoe or sock on. He beams all happily when they are on.

He loves snuggles or snuggies as we call them. Almost hourly finds a blanket, piece of clothes or a pile of dirty laundry to snuggle. Of course the fingers go in the mouth.

He likes bath time, pool time and water in general.

When we're driving he is in the back of the car making a moaning, humming noise with his fingers in his mouth, like a raspy mmmmm.

He loves the park and is adventurous. He likes to explore and will try to escape through the front door any chance he'll get.

He loves his Daddy. He loves playing catch with him and wrestling with him.

Vacation - continued

Lindsay took the kids and went to their Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's house. We headed off towards Glendale and stopped in Scottsdale and Phoenix for some meetings Talmage had. We saw the sights in downtown and bought some delicious frozen yogurt.

We ate at the Air Force dining facility - super good. Stayed at Marriot's Spring Hill Suits, courtesy of the air force.

I did my yearly shopping the next day, a lot easier when I don't have to bring Heber and Hannah. I normally dislike shopping but it was surprisingly not that bad.

We went to the church on base and I went to a ward in the area. It was a good rejuvenating trip. Now back to the day in and out of being a mom, which I love.