Friday, June 6, 2008

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

It's true I am in Las Vegas right now, but it has nothing to do with the Air Force!! More to do with wild oats and sowing, if you know what I mean. No you don't? Uhhhhhmmm. Well. This is awkward, and it's my very first post, too. Sorry Rachel for ruining our precious blog, I'll stick with the story.

So they flew me into Vegas a week and half ago and you can bet that starting from the plane ride I've been milking all the utters I can(military, Holiday Inn express, Cousins, coworkers). Okay not quite that much, but I do enjoy living in a hotel.

I went from having no tv to my very own--with HBO. It can be very tempting. When I first arrive I gunhoingly say to myself, "I will not turn on the tv once!" Ten minutes later in the quiet solitude of my room the tv beakons me and I give in, just to realize that there is nothing on that I really want to watch. So what I do? I flip through all the channels for a couple of hours, choosing the most interesting. Everybody Loves Raymond, Sports Center, Glenn Beck Porgram, seem to occupy a lot of the time. That's when I make a new resolution (no tv? what was I thinking?). Now I'll watch tv while Im doing something else. So I iron all my uniforms to perfection and run on the treadmill until I get so sick of tv that I resolve never to watch it again.

Even better though is I can leave the room (and my pee-stained sheets) every morning and come back to fresh clean sheets on both beds, orange scented bathroom with replenished shampoo, soap, lotion, makeup remover wipes(not because I use them but because theyre stuffed in my suitcase and those suckers think I need more. Hahahaha. That's the best part). And then I realize that each little shampoo bottle has about an ounce in it and I realize how cheap and pathetic I am. And for a time, I sulk.

But just as quickly, my energy is renewed at the sight of the Holiday Inn Express Breakfast. Omelets, sausage, biscuits and gravy, fruit, yogurt, english muffins, brueggers bagels, and cinnamon rolls line the walls. I stuff myself happily because I deserve it (ask them). And then I take some for dinner that night and store it in my mini refrigerator. Once again, they never even see it coming. Then, when the maids are busy, I sneak a load of my dirty laundry in with the hotel linens. That gets dangerous though.

Okay enough of my mooching habits. I'm also sculpting my body everyday in the gym while occasionly jumping on the cool rock climbing machine that nobody ever uses. When were not surveying, getting medical check-ups, lectured by my supervisor for the brake-light incident(as if it was some planned infamous act of mine), I'm usually studying for my test this monday which will allow me to move up in my job skill level.

At first I feel like Im really living it up here in Vegas(without even seeing real Vegas). Then I realize how empty I would feel if that's all I had to look forward to was my lonely room each night. It makes me so much more grateful for my sweet, wonderful wife Rachel. With her I get to live the abundant life, even more so than with free hotel cookies @ 5pm or USA today at my door every morning, or anything thing else Holiday Inn Express or Las Vegas has to offer. I'm enjoying my time here and taking advantage of it all, but look forward to seeing My girl's smiling face back home. And it won't be long. Got to go the cookies are ready!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Talmage is on tour for the air force reserves in Nevada for two weeks. He has been gone for a week and comes back in a week from now. So what am I doing while he is gone.

We'll this week I went to the temple and hung out with my friend Julie! We went and eat chinese... I know not the most healthiest thing when you baking a baby.

Looked at houses to buy in queen creek online.

Tutored TJ, a fifth grader, it was my first time tutoring him but I am doing it as a side job on tuesday and thursdays.


Got lots of boring stuff done like errands.

Visited my family in Tonopah for the weekend.

Went to my great grandpa's funeral. He is an amazing man and did so much with his life. He lived a good life and we love him and miss his good humor.

Hung out with Rick, Alyssa, Hyrum, Sarah. Hung out with Angel but then she left me to go to boulder, or buffalo, or some place with a b name.

Read more of the baby book I burrowed from Jana, "What to expect when your expecting." Since I am pregnant I expected that you expected me to read this book.

And of course talking to my wonderful husband who I wish was back home.

What do I have left to keep me occupied in my boring life. BTW, Angel, seth, jacob or anyone for that matter, you are completely welcome to come hang at my house and keep me company, I'll even feed you. can't resist my cooking can you?

Anyways, back to my list of things that are keeping me occupied. Cleaning the house which includes folding laundry, doing dishes, sweeping, moping vacuuming, dusting, etc. But the worst part is cleaning out my fridge, I haven't done it in a while because even the smell of normal foods, depending on what they are, make me nauseous. Even the thought of old food make me queasy.

Go in person and look at houses.

Send of Amanda's BYU application. Side note: Since when did I get nominated the official family missionaries application/ school advisor. I don't mean to complain but for reals. (BYU applications are more pains then ASU applications, so if you want me to do your application please go to ASU and make my life easier. ... Not that I don't like BYU or love ASU, just for the sack of applying). Anyways back to my list.

Painting, I have a couple paintings that I am working on. I don't want to tell you what they are because that takes the surprise away and then it is not very fun and exciting to paint, just how it is and just how I work.

Convince myself that avocados don't me nauseous. I used to love avocados and heard that they are very healthy for pregnancy. I have a whole bunch in my fridge but having a hard time eating, hopefully they won't go bad.

Go my friend staci's wedding reception. Buy a gift for her wedding reception.

Go to the cannery and buy food storage or order it somehow, i haven't figured out how this works yet. I guess i could call my older brother, rick and see how they did it but haven't yet because I am too stubborn and will at least try to figure it out on my own.

Figure out my schedule for next semester.

Exercise, probably go walking or swimming. I am looking into taking a yoga class or something too. Oh and the usual basketball but no soccer because soccer club is out for the summer, plus I tend to get too into the game which is probably not the greatest for baby.

Oh, and last but not least write on my blog and read others blogs.
That was long.

The End