Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hannah's Half-Day of Work as an Engineer with Dad

It's amazing how much time we spend at work. A less demanding job might require 40 hours a work, while others even more. I usually leave the house before our kids wake up, so I see only them in the evening for 2-3 hours before they go to bed. Sometimes when they catch me in the morning they'll ask why I have to go to work? Well this day I decided to show Hannah what I do and took her along for the afternoon.

Finishing up her Plans as she sips her water
Doing some additional research
This was her rough sketch which her boss then red-lined. Can you see a building, tree, road, flower garden, sky, etc.?
Then we beefed up her design to make it more presentable to her clients.
And her personal escort and treat after a hard day of work.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Things I Say Over and Over Again on a Typical Week Day

"Daddy's at work... He left when you were sleeping."
"Let's get your hair done...You look so cute/handsome."

"Get your shoes on and we'll go to the gym... Yes, you can watch cartoons at the gym if no one else is already watching a show." 

"No playing in the pool unless your wearing a swimsuit. Are you wearing a swimsuit's .... Then you can't play in the water.... When it is summer time we can swim more."
"Come on Olive let's go."
"Don't get in the fridge... It is not lunch time yet."
"Everyone sit on the couch for preschool."
"Put the crayons away and put your picture on the fridge."
"Get a book for story time and sit on the couch."
"Wait for the prayer before you start eating"
"Try again... Say 'Can please I have ___.'"
"If you get your room clean before the timer goes off then you can have a nickle, if not mommy will help you finish your room but you don't get paid."
Heber Photo-Bombing Hannah and Fancy Nancy

'"No throwing sand."
"Shoes and jackets go in the closet, not on the floor."
"Give each other a hug and say your sorry."

"Toys stay in your room."
"We can go to the park once you do your laundry or clean up the living room... Yes, I'll pay you a nickel if you get it done in 10minutes, before the timer goes off. "
"You can play ABCmouse your room is clean."
"It's not time for dinner."
"We'll eat when dad gets home."
"Daddy's Home!"
"Eat over your bowl/plate."
"Wipe your hands on your napkin. Not on your shirt."
"Put your pajamas on."
"Stay in your bed. No getting out of bed."

But my favorte things to say my kids are:
"Thank you for ______."
"I love you."

Thursday, April 18, 2013


We were getting ready to go to see my Midwives and have a check up and Heber was excited to see his little brother.
Heber "I am so excited to see our cute baby. And he is going to be such a cute baby! I love our cute baby and he is going to be so cute cute cute cute!! Baby, baby!!"
Hannah: "Heber, you keep saying cute baby too much."

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nearly 6 Months Pregnant

We are so excited to have a little boy. Heber talks about how "cute our baby is" and the different things that he gets to do with his little brother. Olive often asks if she can kiss the baby i.e. my belly. She still mentions that she has a baby in her stomach too. And Hannah often asks questions about how the baby gets out. And they all have questions on what the baby will eat, drink, sleep, wear, etc and his eating, sleeping, clothes (or lack there of) now. 

I plan on doing an all-natural, at-home birth this time. I found two really great midwives that seem to be more mentally aligned with this than my last doctor. I am grateful that they were willing to take me on even though they don't normally take on VBACs. The Ina May's Guide to Childbirth book has been my go-to book lately and I think it will be replete with markings by the time the baby comes. I am still not sure about doing a water birth though because they don't want me to actually birth in the tub (I think it has something to do with losing too much blood and not being about to notice it because of all the water??). 

I have tried to eat really healthy this pregnancy. I am really concerned about gaining too much weight too quickly because of the umbilical hernia that I have which is aggravated each pregnancy. But that being said, the baby is weighing more than average. What can I say, my body is used to making lots of baby (never less than 9 lbs). I also notice the more rested I am, the better food eating decisions I make. Just an incentive for me to rest.

I have tried to stay very fit this pregnancy and think of birth as training for a marathon. It really motivates me. Although I am not doing anything as hardcore as someone training for a marathon, lately I exercise about five times a week for 30-40 minutes.

I look a little crazy/mad scientist like in this photo.

I feel very busy this pregnancy. I seem to go and go all week and than I seem to crash and burn slow down a lot on the weekend.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Evenings/Nights

On Wednesday evenings are refrigerator looks like this.

That's because on Wednesday nights Rachel goes grocery shopping. It took some persuasion on my part. She lovingly would go during the day with 3 rambunctious kids and a popping-pregnant pooch, so that are short time in the evenings together wouldn't be separated. But it got to be too difficult and this has been the routine for a couple of months. It's nice to have an evening with the kids for me to (both to have fun with my kids and keep me honest as a dad).

Needless to say, on Wednesday nights our refrigerator looks like this.

You could say we live from grocery trip to trip. Harhar.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Coolest Dad Ever

*This was not posted by Talmage nor would he be so self-promoting of his (limited) fathering capabilities.