Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankful List

Because my Christmas list was sooooo long I decided to make an even longer thankful list. Long and no pictures = boring. But don't worry I put digital camera in my Christmas list.
  1. My amazing husband. Try being the husband of a needy pregnant wife. It is hard work. For example, I often wake him up in the middle of the night to get me water or food down stairs. He is a saint!
  2. Expecting not one, but two babies. Some people think this is a curse but I can't, they are too cute on their sonograms and I could never give up one or the other. I am excited and nervous.
  3. My family and Talmage's family. We have already got hand-me-downs for the babies from lots of people. We also were given two cribs from my mom and great grandma. Also, I can't tell you how big of a help they were in getting and moving into our house. Plus, they have given us a lot of furniture. We would have no couches, chairs, fridge, washer, dryer, bed, dresser, desk, etc. if it weren't for family and friends. Which brings me to the next thing on my list.
  4. Family and friends. They are the best for laughing and having a good ol' time with!
  5. Laughing!
  6. Talmage's work. A lot of people don't have jobs right now and we are blessed.
  7. Christmas and Thanksgiving... I love the joy and happiness in the air.
  8. I love giving gifts, especially wrapping them. I use to wrap all of my mom's gifts that she got for my brothers and sisters. It is so fun!
  9. Thankful for Christmas especially because it will cause Amanda to come home a transfer early so she can be around when I have the babies.
  10. The vehicles we have. I am thankful that I don't have to walk every where I go cause if I did I would be walking all day long and never get anything done.
  11. Sleep and food... Ok, it is obvious the I am prego.
  12. Running water, electricity, our home, and all the comforts of life.
  13. Water especially because I am like a camel.
  14. Dancing!
  15. Music!
  16. Christmas Chorals!
  17. The temple. The ability to be glued to my husband and family forever.
  18. The scripture and words of the prophet.
  19. The opportunity to be alive and live on this earth!
  20. The gospel and knowing that I lived in heaven before I lived here and that I can return someday!
  21. And last but certainly not least, the bestest one of all: My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They are so patient with me. They bring me comfort and peace! They pretty much are the bestest, as Amanda would say.

Dear Santa,

Alls I want for Christmas is...

  1. Two healthy babies (I know I am demanding and won't settle for one). Maybe this is the stork's job though.

  2. This semester to be over and get out with decent grades and not all my brain cells fried.

  3. A camera, this would be for the greater good of... everyone because others won't be bored with my blog. Really all the cool blogs have picture on them. Plus I have two gorgious models to get lots of pictures of. Digital. Yeah, digital. Not picky about anything else, No need to make your elfs work too hard by adding extra bells and whistles.

  4. A wheat grinder. This is also for the greater good of others. Think of all the good breads and goodies I can make with this. Plus, I can make you some delicious goodies for next year.

  5. A year supply of food. All organized on a shelf... we'll I can do that because I love organizing but in order to organize I need the next thing on my list.

  6. Time: Time to clean and organize stuff. Time so that I can work on projects such as my hidious picture that I need to finish painting so it matches my living room fabulously. (See I really need a camera so that you, Santa, can know what I am talking about instead of taking my word on how ulgy that picture is.)

  7. A sewing machine so that I can stop bugging and using Alyssa and Nikki's sewing machine.

  8. Baby goodies. Ok babies need a lot of stuff. Yeah and I'm learning quickly how much stuff two babies need. Trust me Santa it is lots.

  9. Internet at my house. Ok, I know that I have to do my homework and figure out which plan is the best and fix some bugs on my computer but in order to do this I need present #6 on my list.

Can't think of anything else for now. What am I saying! This is a lot. I know that this list sounds very demanding making me sound like a bad girl but I promise that I have been good this year and you really want to give me at least #1 on my list.

I promise that I have been good all year long.

Pretty please,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Get Togethers

We had a family get together this last week with all of the Hansen Family and the week before with The Grandy Family. There was around 25 to 35 people both times. It was fun to hang out a see the family.

One of the highlights: The following conversation happened in my front room with Jill, my niece who is about four, Barrette, my nephew who is three and other nieces and nephews.

Jill: Do you have to babies in you?

Me: Yes, I have two babies, a baby boy and a baby girl.

Barrett, all wide eyed: I don't see them

Me: They are in me, as I point to my stomach

Barrett: Confused, looking to see if they are behind my stomach or maybe under my shirt.

Jill: That is how babies are born.

Me: The babies are in my stomach until they are born and then you can see them.

Barrett: Still confused, But where are their eyes and faces?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Doctor's Appointment

So I went to the doctor for the first time for my pregnancy, which might be surprising because I am 31 weeks along. One time more then I originally thought I would. I originally was going to have my mom, a lay midwife, be over my pregnancy and delivery but that idea got thrown out the window when I found out that I am having twins. So I decide to try going through a really experienced midwife but that fell through. I was so devastated. So my next choose was to go through this doctor named Dr. Kells. I was more hoping that I could go through a midwife nurse who works under him but they wouldn't let me because I am having twins.
I originally was going to my babies at home. Yeah, I found out I can't have them at the delivery room but will have them in the operation room. But It is not that bad as long I don't have them in a meat shop.
On a REALLY fabulous note, I found out that both my babies are head down! My last sonogram showed that the girl was head up but has changed since! So the likelihood that I will have them vaginally increase. I am hoping that I will not have to have them cesarean. So this is great news for me! I can't tell you how happy I am!