Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Santa,

Alls I want for Christmas is...

  1. Two healthy babies (I know I am demanding and won't settle for one). Maybe this is the stork's job though.

  2. This semester to be over and get out with decent grades and not all my brain cells fried.

  3. A camera, this would be for the greater good of... everyone because others won't be bored with my blog. Really all the cool blogs have picture on them. Plus I have two gorgious models to get lots of pictures of. Digital. Yeah, digital. Not picky about anything else, No need to make your elfs work too hard by adding extra bells and whistles.

  4. A wheat grinder. This is also for the greater good of others. Think of all the good breads and goodies I can make with this. Plus, I can make you some delicious goodies for next year.

  5. A year supply of food. All organized on a shelf... we'll I can do that because I love organizing but in order to organize I need the next thing on my list.

  6. Time: Time to clean and organize stuff. Time so that I can work on projects such as my hidious picture that I need to finish painting so it matches my living room fabulously. (See I really need a camera so that you, Santa, can know what I am talking about instead of taking my word on how ulgy that picture is.)

  7. A sewing machine so that I can stop bugging and using Alyssa and Nikki's sewing machine.

  8. Baby goodies. Ok babies need a lot of stuff. Yeah and I'm learning quickly how much stuff two babies need. Trust me Santa it is lots.

  9. Internet at my house. Ok, I know that I have to do my homework and figure out which plan is the best and fix some bugs on my computer but in order to do this I need present #6 on my list.

Can't think of anything else for now. What am I saying! This is a lot. I know that this list sounds very demanding making me sound like a bad girl but I promise that I have been good this year and you really want to give me at least #1 on my list.

I promise that I have been good all year long.

Pretty please,

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