Friday, August 13, 2010

Extra Treat

I've kept my word this week, a post a day. I did an extra post for you today. Enjoy!

Q: Are you having another baby!!!!

Yes, I am pregnant! I didn't really put forth any effort to tell anyone, sorry if you haven't heard yet. I am seventeen weeks along. I am due January 14th.

I have an ultrasound this Thursday. I'll find out if our baby is a boy or a girl. I've been thinking it was a boy from the git-go but will see how wacked my instincts are.

I am happy and excited for our next little one!

Sleeping Babies

Heber and Hannah fell asleep on the way to Globe monday. I just thought these pictures where too cute to keep to myself.


Hannah is bottomles because:
  • If it wasn't for a diaper, you won't be able to see her back side. Just her precious chicken legs

  • She can eat a lot. She is a bottomless pit. She can even eat more then me! Where does she put it?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

All Ears

I got two similar questions:

Q: How did you add this all ears thing?

Q: How do you make a question/comment box? Is it a poll type Gadget?

I got my All Ears question box by googling Wufoo and searching around their site. I asked my SIL, Jana, how she got hers and she told me just that, google Wufoo. It took a little bit of looking and then I found it. The questions come to my email.

Thank you to everyone that has given me questions!!! It's made blogging more fun and I am sure you like it more too! Keep up the good work!


I got a phone call from ASU today. They asked me why I wasn't enrolled in any classes. It felt SO good to tell them why. Because I have no more classes to take!!!! Yeah!!!

I could have graduated this summer but I already applied for graduation in December. I get to graduate with Talmage and my sister, Amanda. So we are thinking about all walking together or at least having a party. Then our family and friends won't have to be bored out of there mind watching 3 graduations.

Did I tell you I am excited? Relieved? We'll I am! It feels nice not to have another homework/test/project deadline or look forward to another semester full of them. I am a free woman!

Um, don't get me wrong, I learned a lot and would do it again if I had to but it is nice to be done. I am not trying to convince anyone from going to college. Best eight years of my life, JK, no but really did take me eight years,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Days at Grandpa and Gammaray's


Heber loves wrestiling, mostly with Talmage. But when he is not around, it's Hannah's turn. Hannah likes it for a little while until she is pinned. Poor thing.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Q: Crusts, crusts....where are the crusts????

A: Crusts is one of Talmage's many nick-names. Think family bicycle trip from Globe, Arizona to Canada, dry lips, maybe a bit crusty. Hence the name Crusts.

Where is crusts? He is at Luke Airforce base this week, last Friday to this coming Friday. He will be there the following Monday-Wednesday too. He is there for his annual tour.

What does he do with his free time? This week has been full of studying for him. He is getting ready for the GRE, Graduate Record Examination. It is a four hour test that he is going to take this Saturday. It is supposed to help him get into grad school. I hear tales that it is one tough cookie.

He is also trying to narrow do his search for grad schools. Any advise is helpful and wanted. Here is some that come to mind. Go out-of-state. Stay. Move somewhere where you want to work and live to get to know the region. Etc.

Do you have any advise on grad school or taking the GRE?

So if you all go out of state, what will happen with the castle? and when are you thinking about ditching the san tan folks, if at all??

If we move out-of-state for Talmage's grad school next August, we will probably rent our house and then move back here after our adventure is over. But selling the house is not completely out of the question. To tell you the truth we aren't 100% sure where we are going and if we will leave at all.

For me it is a little inner battle:

If we stay then we won't have to go through moving, finding a renter or possibly selling our house. If we stayed we would still have family around, big plus. I have moved to about 7 different areas (and moved more inside of those areas), I am a little tired of remaking friends. I would like to stick to the familiar.

But, I also think it would be nice to go. We are young, the kids aren't in school. So it shouldn't be that big of a deal right? It would be a new experience and fun to look back on. Plus it would be better then going on vacation somewhere (maybe), cause you go through all the hassle to get there and you get to stay a little longer. We would get to know the area better. It would be an adventure!

What do you think?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Special Treat

So because I posted so late in the day, I decided to through in a treat. An extra post! On top of the two I promised of course. Enjoy!

Pleeeeeease,Let Me In

So I changed my email, which changed my blog ID and now I can't get into all the privatized blogs I was a member of. Pretty, pretty please let me in.

Two Peas in a Pod

For the last three nights they have been sleeping in Hannah's bed. We love peaking in on them and watching them sleep. It is even cuter to see them end up in the same bed. It's moments like this that make life so wonderful.

Daily Happenings

  • Cleaned up the house that I let get REALLY dirty because I took the day off Sunday
  • Watched Design Star, my favorite show lately. My two favorite designers are in the bottom three and I really hope Emily wins. The winner gets their own show on HGTV and I would love to watch Emily's show, if she gets it.
  • Help my younger brother Seth make his first resume, though he has had three jobs already. Go figure. He is applying to be a tutor at ASU Polytechnic Campus and CGCC. Yes, that is what I did when I went there. Yes, he got into the same engineering program I was in. The same program my hubby, Talmage and other little brother, Jacob went in. Some people have no originality, jk. But for the record, I was first. They should pay me for all the people that came in because of me.
  • I also helped my little sister enroll at CGCC.
  • Packed for my trip to globe
  • Put away laundry
  • Went up to globe with Mom Hansen, my MIL.
  • Went walking/runnig with Mom Hansen and her friend Eddie. Well, more walking then running for me because my ankle is still a little tweeked from twisting it last Monday. While at a time share in Pheonix, I was trying to play tag with Paxie and Caden while holding Hannah. Not a brilliant idea. I twisted it coming off of the play ground equipment. Spencer and Lisa were HUGE helps and took care of Heber and Hannah for most of the rest of the day. Yeah, even with their four kids and Lisa all pregnant. Can you say saint?
And of course I fed, played, held, etc. Heber and Hannah today too. Don't just think I could go a whole day ignoring them. They are way too cute!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coming Soon!!!

So this Friday is my last day of school. Then no more classes for my bachelors degree!!! I am SO excited!!!So to celebrate, I decided to treat yall with two posts a day, starting this coming Monday and ending Friday. I know your just bursting with excitement