Wednesday, July 30, 2008

House Update

The bank did not accept our original offer of 99,000 but execpted our offer for 101,000. So we have had the inspection done and the aprasal. We have the majority of the paperwork done and the realitor says that we have a two week time where we do nothing and wait for the bank to get all the paperwork and such done. So we move in the August 22 (little less then a month). School starts the fallowing Monday after we move in, August 25, so it works out well. We don't want to say that we got the house until we move in and have the key in hand. But basically we got the house! I am so excited and love this house!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So we went house shopping this last weekend put two offers on two different houses (and have gone before). We found one we really like! Two stories, great condition, big back yard, the cutest front ... every thing seemed almost ideal for us. There was no offers on the house of our dreams when we made an offer saturday. We offered a little bit more then asking just to make sure we get it. Monday rolls around and we found out that there were actually three other offers. Three. And one was a good deal higher then ours (how much higher? the bank didn't say.) So we were bumbed.. talmage especially. Then our realitor called us Tuesday, the day before yesterday. He said that there was a house that just got off the market and he wanted us to come see it. So I cleared my schedule and went out to queen creek to look at the house with talmage. On the way their I was reading the paper on the house that just summaries everything about it. It seemed great already. 2200 sq. feet aka big (way bigger then what we had been looking at which was around 1600 sq ft), 9 ft valted ceilings throughout, all rooms have walk in closets, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, dean, and island in kitchen. The best thing on top of all that is that it is about 99,000, which is really, reallly good for that size of house. It sounded great! But looking at it was even better. The bedrooms are so big, I love the kichen, I love the lay out, big backyard, there was one broken window and a broken lamp shade thing but other then that it was in great condition. If there was such thing as love at first sight, this was it. We signed the paperwork that day, in the car infront of the house, yea I know, crazy. I was day dreaming about it all the way home and couldn't even fall to sleep last night because of it.Thinking about how great it is and how and how I wanted everything (furniture, etc.) to go in it. I hope, hope, hope, hope we get it! I am sooo excited if we do!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dia de Independencia / Fourth of July

Last week we went up to flagstaff for the fourth of July. We ate wonderful food courtesy of the Wilkins. Did a couple service projects such as fix a fence, lay brick, and put up a new motion sensing light. Of course play some grueling games of cards, Foosball, and the annually anticipated game of canasta. Have some interesting discussions/heated debates on various topics. Play soccer. Go for a walk at a really cool golf course. Watch a movie. Eat more delicious food. Play with one of the most adorable little girls and with this ugly yet cute dog (You would have to see her to understand). And just hang out in general

Pioneer Children Sing as They Drive and Drive and Drive aaaand Drive

I don't like driving (well not driving but more riding), I kinda get car sick (mostly headaches) but on top of that, I was so nauseous and uncomfortable in the last few trips. It seems like every weekend is one long continual car trip.

Last week we went up to flagstaff for the fourth of July. On the way up, I opted to drive which helped.

Rewind to two weekends ago, Talmage, Jana, Lindsay and I went to page. The trip up to Second Mesa was good but the trip to Page from there and the trip home was uncomfortable. I was so tired but had no were to put my head. Here were my options: One, put my head on the window but the bumpiness of the car makes my head ache worse. Two lay my had on my lap or on my arms in my lap but this makes my stomach hurt. Three, put my arm on Jujupops car seat and lay my head on my arm. The third option was what I went with and also reading my lesson for church with by the light of my cell phone. Which by the way reading in the car makes me car sick. So pretty much, I was not a happy camper. I know, I sound like a spoiled brat ... maybe I am.

Then that Sunday we went to buckeye for a family get together.

The week before this, we went to Payson for a triathlon and then to globe. I didn't participate but I help make sure little Quinten was in the right place and all ready. Other then that I was like the cheerleader.

Then the week before that I went out to Tonopah.

Summary: I am sick of traveling.

PS: I didn't write much on Carrie's wedding because I thought Jana covered it superbly. For details visit

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Party Animals

Talmage and I are party animals. Yeah, what you don't believe me? Take this week for example:
Sunday- Went to my grandma's house in Buckeye and had dinner and hung out with my family. Happy birthday seth. An entertaining part of the evening was hearing Hyrum's cheesy engagement story and being amazed that his fiance fell for that and for him. This reassured to Talmage and me that she must be made for him. BTW his fiance's name is sarah.

So here is a little about Sarah. She is from mesa (born and raise). I think she is around my height (5'7") and has abern hair. She's very pretty. She comes from a big family. I think she just finished her bachelors at BYU Idaho, correct me if I am wrong. They met each other a month or two ago. They started dating in the first part of June and were engaged by the end part of June. You might think this was quick but in comparison to Rick no one can have a quick engagement. I don't know where they are going to live after the wedding and all those details but by all means enlighten us.

And oh, they are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple, all the way in Utah. I guess it was a dream of sarah's. After going to Carries wedding all the way in page, I am not too thrilled about driving to utah. Oh, I'll go, it's your two day and what ever you two want goes but I am still going to complain a little. All the way to Utah! Joy!

Monday- I made a boat load of cookies but had no boat to put them in, so we went and visited some of our neighbors for the first time and gave them cookies. Surprisingly, our neighbors don't bit, they are actually interesting. Too bad we did'nt find that out months ago when we moved in.

Tuesday- Saw the play 1886 about the Mormon hand cart pioneers. It was in this big ol' theater at the Mesa Arts Center. Man those people could sing good. Some of them need to work on there acting. Like the a main character, Joesph (not joesph smith), looked like he was gaging when he was crying. It is suppose to be a drama but I could help but laugh some of the time. All and all it was good but not impressive.

The guy from Rigoletto who played Branaldy played Brigham Young in the play. Sarah was all movie stared eyed over him. She even got a picture with him. I have to admit it was weird seeing him as Brigham Young I kept thinking any minute he would brake out with a song from that movie.

Wednesday- Went out to eat with coach Shanks (I might have butchered that) (he is Talmage's
high school coach) and bobby (a friend and fellow team mate). Bobby brought the boat and we sailed to red robin. I enjoyed listening to them reminisce about the "good ol' days". Some of the time I had a glazed look as they talked about different plays and maneuvers as such. But all and all, it was fun.

In honor of bobby, Talmage and I are going to name our son Robert Charles Walsh IV Hansen. And he will grow up to be an amazing football player and make his parents proud.