Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dia de Independencia / Fourth of July

Last week we went up to flagstaff for the fourth of July. We ate wonderful food courtesy of the Wilkins. Did a couple service projects such as fix a fence, lay brick, and put up a new motion sensing light. Of course play some grueling games of cards, Foosball, and the annually anticipated game of canasta. Have some interesting discussions/heated debates on various topics. Play soccer. Go for a walk at a really cool golf course. Watch a movie. Eat more delicious food. Play with one of the most adorable little girls and with this ugly yet cute dog (You would have to see her to understand). And just hang out in general


  1. Sorry you get so sick in the car but, we are really glad you came. It was so much more fun with the 2 of you here!

  2. Maybe if you didnt whine so much this blog would be interesting