Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pioneer Children Sing as They Drive and Drive and Drive aaaand Drive

I don't like driving (well not driving but more riding), I kinda get car sick (mostly headaches) but on top of that, I was so nauseous and uncomfortable in the last few trips. It seems like every weekend is one long continual car trip.

Last week we went up to flagstaff for the fourth of July. On the way up, I opted to drive which helped.

Rewind to two weekends ago, Talmage, Jana, Lindsay and I went to page. The trip up to Second Mesa was good but the trip to Page from there and the trip home was uncomfortable. I was so tired but had no were to put my head. Here were my options: One, put my head on the window but the bumpiness of the car makes my head ache worse. Two lay my had on my lap or on my arms in my lap but this makes my stomach hurt. Three, put my arm on Jujupops car seat and lay my head on my arm. The third option was what I went with and also reading my lesson for church with by the light of my cell phone. Which by the way reading in the car makes me car sick. So pretty much, I was not a happy camper. I know, I sound like a spoiled brat ... maybe I am.

Then that Sunday we went to buckeye for a family get together.

The week before this, we went to Payson for a triathlon and then to globe. I didn't participate but I help make sure little Quinten was in the right place and all ready. Other then that I was like the cheerleader.

Then the week before that I went out to Tonopah.

Summary: I am sick of traveling.

PS: I didn't write much on Carrie's wedding because I thought Jana covered it superbly. For details visit

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