Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Nicknames

  • Baby "giwrl"
  • Baby doll strings
  • Doll strings
  • Hannah Banana
  • Baby Han Hans (Cause she loves sucking her hands especially the ring figure and middle finger at the same time)
  • The Most Precious Girl in the World
  • Hebes
  • Hebes of Thebes (Said w/ a powerful voice as if being introduced at the Colliseum)
  • Hebes-a-babe'
  • Hebiddy
  • Hebiddy Jeebiddy
When they are being particularly cute we say that Heber is committing Hebery and Hannah is committing Hannah-cide.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Calling on All You Moms

Spencer you don't have to read this post. I know that you get grossed out by all that motherly stuff.

So I have two twin babies. I am having a problem and need some help with this one. Hannah has stopped breast feeding about a month ago. She cries and stiffens and refuses to breastfeed. I kept trying and trying but finally gave up. I now pump all of her breast milk. She mostly has formula though. She wasn't always like this, she was fine with breast feeding for the first couple of months. I have come to the realization that she is not going to breast feed but that is ok because I still have Heber and I can depend on him, that is until lately. He has mostly become dependent on the bottle. He is starting to act like Hannah was when she started to stop breast feeding.

Does anyone have any good advise on this. Please help.

Should I start pumping for Heber too? Should I give up on breast feeding and pumping all together. How would this effect their body and brain devolopment?

Sounds like I need to do some researching.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Mom

Heber sat up and held up his head today by himself without any support for the first time.

They both slept for eight hours last night and the night before. The night before was the first time they did this.

I love my babies. They are in a very cute stage.

Monday, April 6, 2009

4 Months

The babes will be four months now. It is crazy how they grow up so fast. Here is a little bit of info about them. The main reason I am doing this is so I don't forget this adorable stage in there lives.
Ladies first. That means Hannah goes first.

  • 10.5 lbs

  • Hannah likes to suck on her hands. I think I wouldn't hear a peep all night if Heber didn't wake up in the middle of the night to cry for food because Hannah uses her hands to pacify herself. Her favorite is sucking on the ring finger and middle finger at the same time.

  • She is sweet. She just has a sweetness about her.

  • Her cheeks are the cutest little things I have ever seen. They are big and rosy.

  • She likes playing peak-a-boo, well our version. She lookes around while I say where's Hannah? Where's Hannah? Then when she looks at me I say "There she is!" She gets all bright eyed and smiles happily.

  • She likes to fidget and look at her hands.

  • She likes being held and sung to.

  • She likes laying out on your lap when feeding her. She lounges on you like your her own personal lazy boy.

  • She only eats out of a bottle. I have to pump all the food that I give to her. Nikki you were so right that they get used to one or the other. Heber still can do both though.

  • She'll eat solid food from a spoon, carrots and rice cereal so far.

  • Is very content.


  • 13 lbs.

  • I love when I come to his crib and he smiles and gets a bashful look.

  • Likes playing patty-cake with his feet.

  • Loves sitting up. Always has been very observant and likes looking around.

  • Only eats from a bottle with a large hole in the nipple.

  • He loves to eat. He is a hungry little hippo.

  • Has been able to turn himself while on his belly.

  • Got his first hair cut, mid-March.

  • Sucks on his buttom lip when he is asleep.

  • Fights sleep. He will do anything to not sleep. He gets very fussy sometimes too. The other day he was fighting sleep all morning but then finally crashed and slept for three hours, which is a lot for him.

They both...

  • get hand jam, kinda like toe jam but in their hands, I was suprised that babies got this.

  • wake up twice a night once around 2 am and once around 5 am.

  • have smiles that make your heart melt.

  • noticed eachother for the first time two sundays ago. We even got a picture.


  • So far they have gone through 1920 diapers. (Assuming that they go through only 8 a day each).

  • Have been feed 1740 times. (Assuming: 1st month 8 times a day, 2nd month 8 times a day, 3rd month 7 times a day, 4th month 6 times a day)

  • 4320 ounces of milk. (Talmage: I got 6240 ounces. I found that by taking their initial and current daily milk intake, assumed their intake has been increasing linearly from birth until now, plotting a graph of this relationship over 120 days and then integrating with respect to the number of days they've been eating and then multiplying by 2 since there is 2 of them. Of course this is an oversimplified estimate because it does not take into account other food that they've eaten periodically. It's fun to actually apply what I'm learning at school.)

  • Number of baths. Let just say that they do not get as many baths as their cousin Thane, who gets them once a day.

  • Have changed outfits over about 240 times.

  • 120 sleep interrupted nights. One of those goes out to Kimball, two of them goes out to Mom Hansen, three of them goes out to mom, Amanda has helped with many. They are all saints.

  • The worth of giggles, cooings, laughs, crys, can't put a number on it.


This is my break to get my mind off of my eng. project at school. It is driving me crazy. I dreamt about it for three nights in a row and spent the first part of the day, much of friday and a good part of saturday trying to download an electrical CAD program, OrCAD. Moving on.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hansen Women Disney Characters

This post was inspired by a conversation between Talmage and Kimball, then transformed into a blog post by Rachel and Talmage. What disney character does each women in the Hansen family remind us of?
Jana-Sleeping Beauty
Jana may appear "asleep" because of her quite nature but when you open her up, or just read her blog, she is very much alive. The long blonde hair and blue eyes don't hurt either.

She has blond hair and is a graceful dancer as well(you should see her in her hip hop class). She is a hard working mom by day scrubbing floors and pretty princess at the ball by night going out with her prince, Taylor.

Like Nala she can whip her significant other if she wanted to ("Pinned ya again"). Nala has lighter fur/hair like Lisa. Finally, she rescued Simba (Spencer) from his grub eating, duty dodging rebellious ways and turned him into a King (or at least he thinks he is).

Pocahontas because of her free spirit and beautiful voice. She also is all into natural foods and remedies and I'm pretty sure Pocahontas was the same way.
Or Meg from hercules because of her chill attitude and she more resembles her physical build and mannerisms.


Jasmine because she has the same big beautiful eyes, dark skin and perfect hair. Like Jasmine, Brandi also has an independent spirit about her. Finally,she married a street rat (sorry McKay).

Melanie-Ariel/Snow White
We had trouble deciding between these two. She's like the Little Mermaid because she is curious and wonders about others' world, through her love of reading. Not to mention, Lincoln looks like prince Eric.
She also reminded us of a Snow White because they have the same hair, mind you, Melanie's is a more modern verson of Snow Whites hair-do. Althoughshe doesn't have seven dwarves, she does have two critters small enough to be dwarves running around her house named Pico and Mila.

I think Rachel is closest to Belle first of all because she has the brown hair in a ponytail look. She was raised in humble standards with a father who she believes in but everyone else thinks is a little crazy. Last but not least, she saw the prince in me under the beastly mask (Yes, I am a beast, McKay).

I think I am like Giselle because we both think life is a musical and I'm out of touch with reality sometimes.

Kimball's Future Wife-Princess Fiona/Mulan

Princess Fiona just looks exactly like someone Kimball would marry. Her ability to burp, eat roasted rats, and karate skills are all qualities I know he is looking for.

Or Mulan because he thinks that "oriental girls are hot". He says he already claimed Belle on the mission but Talmage would not give her up.

Bonus: Grandma Gibson (GG)-The Fairy Godmother

Can't you see it? What else can I say?

We were trying to find one for Mom Hansen but don't you notice that most Disney charaters don't have mothers. Weird. See the Disney Mother Conspiracy (