Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun Texting Conversations

Before I got unlimited texting I was a pretty thrifty texter. In fact, it was annoying when people wanted to have conversations through text or even text for fun. Just tell me what you need in two or less texts if you can't then call me, was my mindset. But now that I have unlimited texting (for only $2.50/month extra) I have become what I loathed.

Last night I was having trouble sleeping and so I started going back through some of mine and McKay's texting conversations. They usually only last a few lines, but one in particular was hilarious so I thought I'd share it:

This was after he had let me borrow his truck.

McKay: You're not hauling mattresses are you? Hey-oh!! Hey-oh!! {referring to a bad accident I had while hauling a mattress}

Talmage: Yes. Hey-oh!! Hey-oh!!

McKay: (I stare back at you blankly, with crickets chirping in the background.)

Talmage: (I hand you the keys.)

McKay: (I don't accept and the keys fall to the ground. I continue staring at you.)

Talmage: (I bend over to pick up the keys and let one slip. The fumes fill your nostrils.)

McKay: (I inhale deeply through my nostrils and reply with a straight face "Is that the best you got?")

Talmage: (I patiently wait as the after effect of my odor kicks in causing your throat to itch and your eyes to water. You struggle to keep a straight face.)

{He somehow never got this last message and so the conversation ended}

Well I thought it was funny, and I'm sure Jana will.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blog Site I Created

I know that I told you that I would show you the blog site that I created for my sister's business as soon as it was finished. I am so excited about how it turned out. It was a so fun for me creatively thinking of ways to make it.
Here is a snap shot of her main page:

Isn't the title picture all cool. It matched her business cards. The menu bar is a neat feature that lets you go to different pages on her blog site. And one of my personal favorites is what I like to call the "button thingy". You push that button and it goes to a place where you make appointments. I know that this is just normal every day web stuff, I am just giddy that I can actually create all these bells and whistles!

You can go see all my impressive work and check out my sisters massage business by clicking here:

(showing off the new button thingy trick)

By the way, she is an excellent massage therapist. It is fall asleep, drool on the sheets, relaxing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The rest of the story

So the rest of my birthday happening. Because I know your dying to know. We ended up leaving the seminar a little early. The lady was saying all obvious stuff and it was really boring. Talmage took me out to Chipotle and then Jamba Juice. Two places that I really like.
Erin and Taylor watched the kids. Hannah throw up on the way to their house. One or twice while at her house. Erin was so helpful and gave her two baths and even blow dried her hair. And since her car seat had throw up all over it I held her on the way home and she throw up all over me and her. Poor thing little girl.
Now I have the flu bug and I think that Nikki's blog sums up my feelings. Her blog is not open to the public so I'll post what she said here:

Dear Flu Bug,

I hate your stinkin guts.

You make me vomit. (literally)

You're scum between my toes.

The Grandy's The Hansens

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Happenings

  • I stayed up last night till midnight helping my sister make a blog site for her massage business. It was a fun way to ring in my birthday and a new year of 22.
  • Talmage came home from school round ten and brought me Taco Bell for my birthday. He also got up with Heber so that I could sleep in. Sleeping in these days means 7:45.
  • I worked on my sister's website some more this morning. I think I did a pretty great job! I can brag, it's my birthday. I'll show it off when I am all done with it.
  • I went clogging and then did some grocery shopping while getting some exercise by riding my bike there. All the groceries and kids went into the buggy that Mom and Dad Hansen gave me for Christmas. I bought a lot of groceries that were heavy (cans, fruits, jars of stuff, a case of water) so I got a really good work out riding back. That is my favorite type of exercise, exercising while being productive or going some where that I was going to go in the first place. So I am pretty happy.
  • I worked on my sister's blog site some more. And now here I am blogging.
What else do I have in store for my birthday?
  • Listening to Jane Erye. I got a free audio book from and am half way through with it. I like it so far. I love listening to books because I can clean and take care of Herber and Hannah and not have to wait for their nap. And I don't feel like I am wasting my time. I know that reading books is not a waste of time but I feel so lazy sitting down and reading a book for more than an hour. Plus I get head aches if I slouch and that is hard not to do when reading a book.
  • Tonight Talmage is taking me on a Hot date to a graduate program seminar things where they talk about graduate programs.