Monday, September 14, 2015

Sweet Dewey

Today I was cleaning the kitchen while listening to an audio-book. Sweet little Dewey came and tapped me on the leg (like he always does so sweetly when he needs something) and extended his arms. I picked him up expecting for him to plead for me to do his bidding. But no. He hugged me sweetly and patted me on the back. I loved it so much especially the pat. Then he broke away and I thought, "OK here it comes. He's going to ask me for crackers or water..." But no. Instead he gave me a sweet Dewey-kiss on the lips and then another hug. I felt so loved.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Face Painting Birthday Party

We went to their friend, Kensington's birthday today! It was so much fun! Complete with face painting. The girls and I picked butterflies and Heber picked Captain America. He thought he looked like a ghost after he wiped it off. They liked all the candy and playing at the park. They liked Kensigngton got lots of presents.