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Sunday began with a fast. In our church we designate one Sunday a month to fast for 24 hours (2 meals) for a spiritual purpose. Rachel and I chose to fast for gratitude. Not to have more of it necessarily, but to show it. Yes, we had walked to church because our car had broke down again. But we are also healthy enough to walk, ride the bus or ride our bikes to get us anywhere we needed to go for the past week. We're considering making biking a permanent lifestyle change, but that is another topic. Not only are we healthy, but our children have virtually been sick-free since we arrived in Blacksburg, VA. Any parent knows what a blessing that is.

Finally, we found out that we are going to get out of our current lease and secured another apartment that is cheaper, has an extra room, washer and dryer (After a year of laundromats, no more!), and more. Yes, a fast of gratitude seemed appropriate. We were about to learn how much more grateful we could be.

From the start of the fast I felt a knot in my stomach. I usually don't struggle to fast a couple of meals, but Rachel reassured me when she said that she often has stomach pains when she fasts. I endured, hoping that filling my belly at dinner would  soothe the pain. But it didn't. Nor did drinking a glass of Alka-Seltzer. I didn't sleep well that night. About 3am I woke up and started researching my symptoms, but went back to bed with no luck and a fever that put me out until late morning. After talking with my mom and answering a series of questions that Rachel had found on WebMD, we decided that I best fit the description of having appendicitis. One quick call to our home teacher and he was at our house and ready to take me to the hospital. Further investigation and a CT scan confirmed that I was in the early stages of appendicitis.

In order to let Rachel be with me, Heber and Hannah's primary teacher volunteered to take all of the kids for the night. I was happy that Rachel could stay with before and after the surgery for her company and because she was able to capture this video of me after the surgery. I vaguely remember it. I mostly remember just not wanting to give any one (especially the nurses and doctors) a serious answer about anything.

I had the surgery on a Monday evening and was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon. That seemed like a long time, but looking back it really wasn't. We were so grateful for our friends in from church and work. Three different friends of Rachel's (all pregnant) took one of our children. Tuesday night we had two wonderful Italian meals delivered to us: The first was pasta Alfredo from the Johnn and Shannon Judd, and the second was baked spaghetti from Lauren from work. Additionally a coworker of mine named Thomas brought some farmer's market salad ingredients, fancy baker's bread and baked goodies for dessert. He did not skimp, that;s for sure. The next day our other home teacher brought by a hearty stew, salad and bread. Like I said, we had no idea how much more grateful we would be.

As for the surgery, I seem to be healing fine. It only took these 3 little incisions. I have a checkup on the 11th of April. I'm glad I wasn't too manly to go to the hospital earlier rather than later.

Finally, there is one more thing that I have to get off my chest. Just before we returned from the hospital to get our kids we decided to take advantage of the babysitting situation and slipped off to watch the new Hunger Games movie. I was glad that we didn't see a comedy and really enjoyed the movie. However, we did feel a little naughty taking advantage of our friends' kindness. So thank you to all who helped us through this and made it a rather enjoyable experience.

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