Saturday, June 29, 2013

Annual Air Force Duty

It's summertime which means my annual Air Force duty is likely to take me away for a couple of weeks. This year I spent two weeks at Vandenberg AFB, CA. It's about an hour north of Santa Barbara which is a couple of hours north of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it's not close enough to drive so I had to do it without my sweet wife and kids. Fortunately, I won't be going back there for duty any more but will be much closer and able to bring my family with me.

The flights always have these magazines in each seat. They're fun to look at. Some of the things are actually kind of neat. Others are just weird.

The Math clock reminded me of something my friend Zak Price might like. He's a nerdy engineer at Virginia Tech and can appreciate this sort of thing.
Instantly thought of my dad—lover of bikes and video cameras
Jana, in light of her recent literature review. Commas save lives.
I appreciate how well they try to sell this old-fashioned type writer as if it's something great.
"Want to get that special someone's attention? Or perhaps you want to spice up your marriage? Then discover the simple solution to slouching and stress."
So this one gets the premier inventors corner spot. Am I missing something? Aren't these just paper towels? "No. Their Sani Squares!"
"This guy used to be just another unhappy, old bald guy. But now, thanks to Flair Hair, he's his team's most stylish fan!"
"Don't let the sounds of nature ruin yours or anyone else's hike. Take control with the Solar Miracle Portable Charging Speaker."
This one actually looks kind of fun.
Back to Air Force stuff, a lot happened over the two weeks. I feel like I'm expected to get done in two weeks what takes full-time airman several months to complete. I got to shoot and qualify the M-4 rifle. There is a new procedure which makes shooting much more realistic and fun. I completed some Self-Aid Buddy Care training which I can see using on my kids before anyone else. Lots of job specific training. It was tough being away from family but very productive from a work (and school, which I'm getting closer to completing) standpoint.

Our commander, Lt. Col. Joganich was on his way out. For his second to last day he wanted to do a Ruck March on base. I'm so glad I got to make this one. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I cry every time I watching this video. Maybe because it reminds me so much of Talmage. We are thankful for our Talmage, he does so much for us. There is no one the kids and I adore more!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm SO Glad When Daddy Comes Home

Talmage has been gone for the past two weeks for Air Force duty. We are happy that it is only two. He will do his remaining training in September.
We are so excited that he'll be back home, just in time for Father's day. This is for an amazing dad! We love you!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Olive's Identity Crisis

Every member in our family has a lot of nicknames. So much so that Olive doesn't really know her actual name. She claims Ollie-pop or Goose-Monger the most—before Olive.


Loosy Goosy McWoosy
Her newest addition is "Goose Mon Wong Shin Tsau Li."

Sunday, June 9, 2013

O's Idea of Potty Training

With little success her and there, lets just say she is interested but not committed.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Copy Cat

I thought that this outfit looked very "Jana". Nothing says Jana more than a patterned skirt paired with sandals and a solid colored shirt.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family Transportation

Olive cycling with Talmage.
Since we moved to the Dallas area we have been biking and busing a lot less. Plano isn't really a bike-friendly town (despite recently being ranked the most biker-friendly city in Texas)—there are no shoulders on the road . Although on the weekends we see herds of cyclists taking up the right lane. But we were pretty content with our one car and cycling and busing when needed, that is until we realized that after the baby comes we wouldn't all fit in it. We considered buying one of these and putting it in our Volvo so we could fit all of our kids. 
Fit four kids in one row! Only a European company would think of that!

We also considered having Talmage cycle while I drove the car to where ever we needed to go, like church. One of the kids could ride in the front seat because there is no air bag on the passenger side and it complies with Texas state law.
I miss cycling as much as we did in Virginia. But I realize that being pregnant while pulling kids and groceries wasn't going to work.
Our last option was to break down and buy a van. But we are picky. We wanted a reliable van that would last long with low mileage (our last van only lasted for about two years) AND that we would have zero debt when buying it. We'll we ended up with with all of our first criteria and only half of our second criteria.
Olive & Dolly Riding Safely
After lowering our expectations on price, we finally found a van that would work for us. We put a non-refundable down payment on it. But that night before we go to pick it up and buy it, we prayed about it together and both got the strong impression not to buy it. I was discouraged and we went back to plan A, not buying a van at all.
Our Loved Volvo
But then two weeks later, the same dealership lowered the cost of another minivan that they had by $1000. Putting it in our price range AND it had 20k less miles on it than the first one that we were going to buy! And that non-refundable deposit could work towards it. We jumped on it. I really believe that the Lord was looking out for us and wanted to help us get something that would be right for our family.
Our New Minivan
What I like about our new minivan:
  • It seems reliable! Very important when you have a car full of little ones.
  • Low mileage. Has 55k miles on it, which is amazingly low for the price range we were looking in.
  • Fits all our kids in it and future little one. 
  • Has Stow-In-Go back seats
  • I love how Heber calls it a Mini-Ban