Sunday, May 24, 2009

Brefiss (translation: breakfast)

This morning after Heber and Hannah had their bath they ate breakfast. I know it's all backward but hey. So I took extra care so that they did not get food on their church close. They did great, even though it doesn't seem so by the picture. They got nothing on their church clothes. Heber kept his finger in his month until I held the spoon in front of it, then he would remove his figures long enough to get another spoon full of squash.

His eyes got heavy towards the end and well he feel asleep and I didn't want to wake him. Isn't he just so cute. So I left him for awhile until I heard him wake up and cry. He went wild and got squash all over his overalls and face. Surprisingly his white church shirt stayed mostly white. I love my crazy little guy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cute Chipmunk

No these are not fat pictures and that is not a fat joke! So I'm not wise anymore cause I got my wisdom teeth pulled out this last Monday. All four of them. Yay for eating mushy foods!
I know these pictures of me are amazing, don't be jealous of my beautiful chubby cheeks.
Talmage tried to encourage me to go under instead of doing local anesthetic. I am glad that I got local anesthetics because I got to experience it all. It was interesting hearing that crackly noise when the dentist pulled them out. Plus it was fun talking with the dentist and assistants, well listening to them for the last half or more.

I was going to go to Angel's eighth grade graduation and spend sometime with friends from Prescott but I wasn't feeling up to it. I love you Angel and Congratulations! Plus if I went everyone would have laughed at me because I look like a lopsided chipmunk and I mumble cause I can't open my mouth much cause it is so swollen.

Talmage has been a huge help with the babies and helping me. I am so thankful for him and his sweetness. He's amazing.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Congratulations to my big brother Caleb. "I never though you'd "graduate, no not ever," (big fat Greek wedding) JK. No but we are really proud of him. He is the first to graduate in our family with a bachelor's degree. He got his degree in mechanical engineering. He's a smart cookie. "You so smart, you so smaaaart." What hard work and dedication! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Nikki for supporting and surviving him being so busy!

The kids and I went to his graduation and the party for him the next day. Here is them in their ASU clothes supporting their Uncle. Ok I didn't have the recent pictures of them in their ASU (Aunt Lois and Amanda you should send me yours). This was a picture taken before we went to an Engineering Club get together, but you get the idea. Don't you love the little yellow bow in Hannah's hair.

Don't know what to call this thingy

I Thought
this was interesting to read from when Talmage did it. So I decided to give it a try.

I Am

relaxing and enjoying Sunday.

I Want
to finish my degree.

I Have
the cutest little babies ever and an amazing husband.

I Wish

I could live by a creek or wash where the kids could go play and explore. When they are all grown up that is.

I Hate

when people are unkind to people that i love.

I Fear

snakes, even the good ones that "are harmless, all they'll do is bit but they aren't poisonous". Plllllease.

I Hear
Pandora Radio - Piano song

I Search

the internet for good ideas for panting the offices or other rooms.

I Wonder
what heavenly father and Jesus are really like.

I Regret
not making deeper friendships with some people along the road of life.

I Love

getting my back rubbed.

I Ache
in my Lymph nodes because they are so full from being sick. And in my mouth because my teeth are so tight together. My wisdom teeth are growing in at an angle and pushing all my other teeth together. I get them pulled tomorrow.

I Always

spell the word tomorrow wrong the first time, then fix it. It seems like it should be spelt tomarrow.

I Usually

like to cook

I Am Not

the best write or even a good one.

I Dance
to have fun

I Sing
here and there through out the day

I Never
have been to another contenient

I Rarely

have toe jam

I Cry
like a stupid baby.

I Am Not Always

the brightest crayon in the crayon box (see the next one)

I Lose

my phone. I left it in the fridge once, not kidding. It took me forever to find it. Don't ask me how it got there.

I'm Confused
when I am dreaming, my dreams are weird.

I Need
get some more sleep

I Should
have not started face book yesterday. It seems like it could get out of control.

I Dream
... weird dream. Like I said.

I am amused by
by funny people like my husband, brothers, etc.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hannah Who Loo

I totally forgot to put another nickname of hannah's on the nickname list:

Hannah Who Loo

cause she looks like a who from whoville.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Copy Me!!

This is Talmage posting here. I was inspired by Kimball and will proceed with the fun.

I Am-home. Just put the babies down.

I Want-this semester to just end. Not because of the finals, but because of the politics. I refuse to stress out about what my final grades will be. Who are they to tell me how well I did. Lousy formal education.

I Have-a habit of crossing my legs. And don't tell me that you can't do it because you're just too buff and large.

I Wish-I could play football year-round.

I Hate-going to the fridge and not having anything I want. And I will check multiple times just in case I missed something.

I Fear-overscheduling my life and not finding joy in the journey.

I Hear-the buzz of the computer and the tv, yes the tv, downstairs. This last week I've been lying around the house and I thought I'd plug in an old tv we got from Rick and Alyssa. Works great since we get free basic cable. Rachel and I have already stopped communicating and are working towards becoming a real family.

I Search-for what my interests truly are and what I enjoy doing. Sounds so soul-searching.

I Wonder-what people are going to think about what I say.

I Regret-not playing football after high school.

I Love-My Family: Rachel and Heber and Hannah.

I Ache-a little all over still. I'm not back to myself yet and I kind of walk around like Mr. Burns. I'm also like that old guy who you don't want to make laugh because then he'll start going into a coughing fit and you feel like you brought him more harm than good. You know that guy. C'mon. He's old. You know?

I Always-am planning with my palm centro.

Usually-I get up early and can't sleep in. Usually.

I Am Not-crazy.

I Dance-because Rachel likes to and because I would like to be good but don't feel like I ever improve.

I Sing-the hymns of Zion..standing sometimes too..without being directed by the presiding authority.

I Never-blame God for my problems. But rejoice in my afflictions!! (Mostly, but not always.)

I Rarely-go to sleep without praying.

I Cry-When my heart gets broken. And during a good movie, book, etc.

I Am Not Always-cheerful, and can be grumpy and throw myself on the ground and start kicking my legs. I try to teach my little nieces and nephews how to do it sometimes.

I Lose-myself sometimes when I'm doing a task.

I'm Confused-at school sometimes and am not afraid to raise my hand and ask a seemingly dumb question. I pay a lot for school and make them work for me.

I Need-to get back to my normal self. I need to "Look unto [Him] in every thought; Doubt not, fear not."

I Should-call Rachel and see how her project is going.

I Dream-often.

I am amused by-my Family.

I Enjoy-Seeing our garden grow and getting the mail and paying bills and doing our finances.

I Would.....what would I do? Fill in the blank .....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Poor Guy

Talmage came home the Thursday before last. He was sick and tired. I went to a Relief Society thing with the kids and let him rest. That was the beginning of being sick for a week. It seem to let up last Sunday but then came back in full force. His sickness reached a high the following Monday. His temperature went up to 104 degrees. I had called a few people in the ward to come give him a blessing but they were not able to for until later that day. Thankfully the missionaries were listening to the spirit that day and randomly stop by. They were able to give him a blessing. That night Kimball came over and cheered him up which was a huge help and pulled him out of the worst of it.

This has been a hard week and I am glad that we got through it. It was hard to keep the kids away from him and take care of them without him. Thankfully a couple of angel came by last Tuesday and took care of them and Talmage while I went to my project meeting. He lost some weight and it is noticeable in his face. He is doing better now and is back to school today. He tried to go last Thursday but his teacher told him to go home. I am thankful for the Lord and all the people that help to get us through this.