Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hannah, Too Sweet For Her Own Good

Today Heber refused to throw away his diaper and so I put him in time out. When he was done, I went to have him throw away his diaper but Hannah had sweetly and quietly already done it for him.
Another time Heber was in time out, he was pretty upset and beside himself. Hannah brought him a soft blanket and a sippy cup. Kinda defeating the purpose of time out.
He continuously tries to take things from Hannah. She gets upset and as I start to scold him. She sweetly hands what ever it is to him. Too sweet for her own good.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Question: Where are the pictures of you looking so big?

So this wasn't one of those All Ears questions. Carrie asked me it in the comment room. I had Talmage take them of me last night. I probably should have fixed my hair or something, oh well that is the real me. The little appendage is Hannah.

Question: How come the "baby meter" below sometimes shows the baby right-side up and other times up-side down? Is that what really happens?

I don't think she turns that much from up to down as the "baby meter" shows. I think she was hanging out side to side on my last ultra sound. The baby meter shows how developed she is, she doesn't look like an alien as much anymore and is looking more baby like. And it tells me how far along I am, which is good because I don't really keep track and if I forget I just check it out.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Question: Do you actually want to have another baby?

Yes, I do. I know it is a little crazy especially considering that I already have two babies (ok, toddlers) running around that I would want another one but I do. This pregnancy was planned and it felt and still feels so right to have this new addition coming.
I'll admit that at times it seems daunting to be pregnant and have two other young ones. I expected it to be an easier pregnancy because I am having one instead of two. I guess I didn't consider having to chase around two and the fact that I would be this big. It also seems daunting at times looking forward to having a new born with two other littles ones.
Often when I am out in public I think of how ridiculous my situation must look to people as I am handling Heber and Hannah while being so big and pregnant.
All and all I am happy about it. When we have more I think it will be after a good four or five year span. But that is what I thought after having Heber and Hannah, we'll see.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What have I been up to these days?

  • Window painting. Something I have been wanting to do for years. A friend of my family has done it during the holidays for years. She takes her earnings and splurges on Christmas. So I decided to try it too. So far I have painted my window, a neighbor's, two McDonald's, a Fry's and I have a couple more lined up. For a couple pictures see the link at the top called Window Painting.
  • I have been working on a painting for a Christmas present for my Grandmother. I have her name this year. She has wanted an oil painting from me for a while now. Her style is something southwestern with pastel colors. Both really different from me. So it has been a challenge to figure out a picture that I would like to do and that she would like to have.
  • Talmage and I have been wanting to write a children book for Heber and Hannah for a while. So we decided to make it for Christmas for them. It is called "A Day in the Life of Mighty and Magnificent". I have one page illustrated and Talmage has a couple of the pages written out. I took a lot of searching to find a toddler proof book that we could have our story printed in but I found a website that sends you blank books. Then you print out your story on clear film and stick them in the book.
  • I have been getting stuff ready for Olive, two more months to go, although I keep getting the "any day now?" comment. All our spare dressers are being used by Angel and Seth so I have been on the prowl for a new dresser for Olive. My Aunt Lois came across a dresser at a yard sale. She's a beauty. It is my favorite dresser in the whole house. I would show you pictures but my camera is MIA and my placenta head can't remember where it went.
  • I made this car seat for Olive. I had a hard time deciding on the material but once I found some material that I liked and it just came together with some material that I had laying around.
  • I already put up the Christmas tree before Halloween. Crazy I know. I figured the sooner the better because I am only going to get bigger. So I'll just do a little at a time and it will be fun, pressure free holiday decorating.
That is all I got for now.