About Me
I grew up in Globe, AZ and love going back there to visit my parents. I currently live in Blacksburg, VA where I am working towards a master's degree in Civil Engineering with a focus in geospatial applications. After graduation, who knows we're my family and I will end up—I'm up for just about any place on the planet.
Other things about Me
I've recently taken an interest in my family history. My maternal grandfather kept a regular journal that all of his grandkids can now benefit from. In my free time I like to not only read it, but transcribe the words on to a blog made specifically as a tribute to him and his life. 
You can check it out at RobertEmersonGibson.blogspot.com.
This is a 3D Model of a Land Development project that I worked on my first semester at Virginia Tech. We first engineered the whole site in AutCAD Civil 3D. Then I made this 3D model in Google Sketchup. That was the easy part but, to the lay person, looks the coolest.

When I was 19 I accepted a call to be a full-time missionary in Portugal. I can't imagine any way to have better used those two years. They prepared me both spiritually and temporally for the rest of my life.
Elders Hansen and Meyer on the island of Madeira of Portugal
When I was 21 I decided to enlist in the United States Air Force after hearing the 2007 State of the Union Address. I joined the Civil Engineering career field and have been assigned to 4 bases, all in the southwest corner of the CONUS: Nellis AFB, NV; Luke AFB, AZ; Vandenberg AFB, CA; Peterson AFB. CO.
A Disgruntled Staff Sergeant Hansen
After my wife and I graduated from ASU we decided to see a different part of the country and moved to Virginia where I attended graduate school. Blacksburg, Virginia will always have a soft spot in our hearts.


Now we live in Dallas, Texas with no plans of leaving.