Wednesday, July 30, 2008

House Update

The bank did not accept our original offer of 99,000 but execpted our offer for 101,000. So we have had the inspection done and the aprasal. We have the majority of the paperwork done and the realitor says that we have a two week time where we do nothing and wait for the bank to get all the paperwork and such done. So we move in the August 22 (little less then a month). School starts the fallowing Monday after we move in, August 25, so it works out well. We don't want to say that we got the house until we move in and have the key in hand. But basically we got the house! I am so excited and love this house!


  1. Welcome to the neighborhood. talmage, now you have no excuses when I challenge you at ping pong.

  2. Congrats! I m so glad that you guys will be close! Let us know if there is anything that Mckay can help you wit, packing, moving, unloading... I am sure he just forgot to mention that when he commented, but I know that he loves to help out. Especially in the summer time!

  3. congrats!! can't wait to see pictures