Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I learned...

Yesterday, Talmage asked me what I had learned that day in school. The conversation went a little like this:
"i learned how to find the eigen vector and the basis for a matrix. i learned how to check and see if i had the right value for the lamda, the eigen vector and the basis. i figured out how to hook up a transistor, relay and resisters to a chip to control a motor. i learned how to create a portfolio for proving i know various skill. i also researched single-side, double sided and multi-layered printed circuit boards. i learned what silk screening is and how pattering(etching) is done when manufacturing a printed circuit board."
He was more then half asleep by the time I asked him what he had learned that day. ...unfortunately, he probably won't ask me that question ever again.

For those of you who are still awake here is my question for you:
Do you ever feel like you have two sides to your lives?

For me it would be my school life/job and my home life/family life; generally they seem to fit well but once in a while they seem completely separate.


  1. Wow what a brainiac.

    To answer, I've never felt like I had two sides of my life, no. Different sides of myself, yes. People bring out different sides depending on the person.

  2. The reason I asked her was so that I could go to sleep faster. Thanks Rach!!

  3. My two different sides are when I'm asleep and when I'm awake. When I'm asleep I am dreaming that I am dancing and prancing in the beautiful green meadow. And when I'm awake I am all business.

  4. My two sides are Regular Lindsay and Drunk Aunt Lindsay.

  5. We get it. You're smart. Now go do some "imaginary baby making". Actually wait, do real baby making. Paysen and Porter need some cousins.