Monday, March 23, 2009


Talmage and I found this table in a trash can. I begged him to carry it all the way home. He looked at it like, "you want to bring that thing home? Eww. Why?" But he did it anyway, isn't he sweet and strong?
Here it is before:
I love the big transformation between the before and after. It was pretty fun.
Here is the table after:
We also found this table at a yard sale:
Here is the before and afters:

I am not as in love with transformation as the other table but no biggy.


  1. Wow, you did a good job. I know who to turn to for any transformation I may need!

  2. Love it! You're so artsy and crafty, I love your house too :D Thanks for letting us stay with you!!!

  3. I thought the table looked different yesterday when I was there but I didn't say anything. But your house did look and smell nice. Not that it's unusual. I'm just commenting.

  4. I like it - and all that work and fumes too!