Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Once there was a snowman tall, Tall, TALL

It's gotten pretty cold here in Blacksburg over the last couple of days. Sunday the snow came down thick all day covering the streets. Monday was pretty clear but the snow remained. Needless to say, we took advantage of it and made ourselves some snowmen. 

This was on Sunday
Not sure Why I'm so angry.

Monday Morning
Monday while I was at school. 
Rachel locked up coolest mother of the year with this one.


  1. LUCKY!!! i wish it snowed up here in Mesa.

  2. I like how Heber is in the window in the last two pictures.

    1. I had a feeling that you'd notice and appreciate that Lindsay. I guess you notice and appreciate the little things.

  3. I love the light in the 3rd pic. It has a soft quiet feel. And then the tipping snowman they're looking at adds the little comical punch.

  4. This is a very cold blogpost. Rachels hands must have been freezing. I thought it was Hannahs face in the window until Lindsays comment. I rarely click the pic to enlarge it to get the details.