Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Swing batter batter swing
Warm up and stretching with team
Heber got to play pitcher which doesn't consist of actually pitching but it does consist of getting the ball a lot.  He was so quick at getting the ball so many times. And each time we kept yelling at him to through it to a base. But he would just lift it in the air triumphantly and smile.
More Dugout
The week before he got to play pitcher for an inning as well. He wasn't very focused and kept turning in circles. He started turning faster and faster. I was getting nauseous just watching him. Then it dawned on me that he might need to go to the bathroom.  So I pulled him out and it wasn't a second too late.
Grabbing snack after game
Most importantly, he is having a lot of fun and seems to enjoy playing T-ball.

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