Monday, February 10, 2014


I love my sister Angel. She flew home Saturday night. I fill blessed to have her here for a month. I feel like it came together perfectly, like God orchestrated it. We had such a great time. She has made the first month of Talmage being gone breeze by a lot more smoothly than when I'm all alone. I do NOT know how my SIL, Nikki, does it when Caleb is deployed for months on end. I can tell it is hard. And when I get a taste of what she went through I respect her even more.
Angel and I both realized how relatable we are to each other. We drove the kids nuts with our chattings. And stayed up too late talking. I feel like I can be deep and real with her. Are conversations were silly some times but kept returning back to deeper stuff like life and spiritual stuff. I am SO thankful for my little sister, who is not my little sister anymore, but my equal. I love her.

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