Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Banana Massacre of 2014

I sleep in today for the first time in a while, well kind of. Actually I just stayed in my bed while they came to me with their problems. I solved big dilemmas such as;
"Sorry that is not your shirt anymore, it is too small on you. ...I know it is your favorite."
Or “Yes, I understand that you don't like the princess movie Heber. ...Yes, it is pretty girly. ...That's ok because it is not time to watch a movie."
Or "I'm sorry Hannah bit you, come cuddle by me."
So after I finally got up, this is what I found in the kitchen. Haha! That what happens when I sleep (or hope to sleep) on the job.

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  1. So what was the story? Were they trying to make breakfast for you? I need answers.