Monday, January 20, 2014

Heber's Lashes

I am often getting comments on Heber long eye lashes, at church, the store, the park, pretty much everywhere.
Angel put mascara on Heber and we forgot until I glance over at him in sacrament meeting. We forgot to take it off before church. Oops. Hannah's primary teacher (they are in different classes this year) commented on how long they were and then said that they were so dark and full that it looked like he had mascara on. Yep, he did.

The Beast

Yes, Talmage is a beast. Yes, he completed the Spartan beast. It was a lot of fun to partially witness him complete a half marathon full of around 25 intense obstacles. It was a good experience for him. He got to form bonds with a small group of men from our church as they trained together. It also helped him prepare for Air Force Officer Training School. It was neat to see him beaming after completing such a challenge.

Little Spartan Boy

Heber did a Spartans race too. He even said "weee" as he slide down the back of a dirt hill he climbed. He  playfully ran in the mud. As other racers wre crying Heber was happy and beaming. We all know where he gets his positive attitude in things like this. He is his Daddy's boy.

Half Marathon

I'm training fora half marathon. I wake up at 5am three times a week with my friend. It is a fun challenge. The event is Saturday, April 5th. I find that I get tired and cranky. I've turned into my mom, completely whipped by 8pm.

Olive's Birthday Week

Olive's Birthday week started off a week before her birthday on Sunday. She had sugar birthday cereal, and a birthday party with us and Lindsay, so that Talmage could celebrate with us before he left.
Monday she had a small party with her friend.
Sunday we had birthday dinner again this time with Angel and Lindsay.
She got lots of presents that are routinely in Heber and Hannah seem to take possession of often. She is a happy spoil girl.
Both her grandmas and Talmage called her. She sweetly told Talmage that he forgot her birthday. I think it broke his heart more than here's.


We went trick-or-treating with our friends. 

Here is the line up: Princess, Shark, Dragon, Princess, Princess and Pirate.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Talmage Goes to Officer Training School

Talmage left for Air Force Officer Training school. It sounds intense. He says that a day feels like a week. But his spirits are high and he is enjoying the challenge.
I have been feeling pretty positive about having Talmage gone. I see this as such an amazing growing opportunity for him. I feel supported, Lindsay's new apartment is literally in the building next to ours (the twins go over there by themselves, I don't think is old enough to walk over there without supervision). I have a super supportive ward as well. And my sister Angel is staying with us.
Angel flew in from Arizona the same morning he flew out. She will be here until around March 4th. Leaving her enough time to give a farwell talk and see the family, especially mom, before she leaves. It has been a joy to have her here, staying up late talking about the gospel and swapping and sharing our pateriartical blessings.
I feel like I have been able to run so many set aside errends. After four attempts at changing over my driver's license from Arizona to Texas I finally succeeded. I am so grateful she watched the kids. DMV (or whatever they call them here in Texas) don't mix well with kids.