Thursday, April 24, 2008

Buying a House

Why we should buy a house:
  • Just as cheap as rent! (The housing market is down! Yeah for us first time homeowners)
  • Our money will go towards something that we can keep
  • Build equity
  • Talmage will be closer to work
  • I have my eye on a house with a great price out in Queen Creek
  • It looks like it is in great condition and the previous owner took great care of it
  • We’ll be closer to some of the family. Ex. Caleb & Nikki, McKay & Brandi, Taylor & Erin, Lincoln & Melanie

Why we shouldn't buy a house:

  • We love our ward and we don’t want to leave our new found friends
  • We like our neighbors and our little house that is like a piece of the country in the middle of the city
  • We’ll be farther from my parents and siblings at home, Rick & Alyssa, Jana & Art & kiddos.
  • We will be driving with traffic to go to school.
  • I will be driving with traffic to go to work (Assuming I get the job that I have an interview for tomorrow)
  • We will have to go through the rigmarole of getting financed

    Is there anything I’m forgetting?


  1. If you can afford to buy a house, DO IT!! I don't think you will regret it.

  2. NOOOOOOOO! You guys can't have it this easy. You have to struggle and eat ramen noodles and live in dumpy places for at least 3 years! You'll never appreciate your house unless you know what it's like to live in earthly hell known as the ghetto. Just kidding. BUY THE HOUSE DUMMY! All I have to say is I hope you guys can get financed with little to no heartache. That portion of it made me want to kill myself. What does your house look like, where is it? Send me the mls so I can see! Oh, and I'm going to contribute some of this to myself, I thought I presented a solid argument as to why buy now when I was in Az.

  3. If you two need any sweet ideas, I stay close to the housing market, we chat at least 2 weekly and I'd say once a month we get together for some real quality catch up. There is a new first time buyer program I can share with you guys if you want some, what we in finance call "dirty little secrets", please do call.

  4. ooooow, "riiiich". Sounds great Brandi!