Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Whine & Complain

My institute teacher said that he would give us anything we wanted because we are such good students and come to class all the time (because he is cool like that and because the institute at ASU Poly is small ). One guy in the class instantly said food. BrieAnne (yes that is how she spells her name) asked for a blank check. I asked for a signed check with everything else blank. He didn't fall for the blank check idea. I sat there and thought about it for a while. An opportunity like this doesn't come around every day! I double checked if he really would give us ANYTHING we wanted (Other then a check). Finally, I told him that he could finish writing all of my reports (come on, no one would know the difference). ...He laughed and then declined. It was worth the try.

So, I am too brain dead and stress to do any more homework right now. So I am just going to whine and complain about all the home work I have to do. Study for 2 finals, write to 2 power points and present them, and finish 6 reports (yeah! 6! Killer!). And I only have about a week and a half to do all this! I can't seem to get more done then I get stacked on! OK, that's all the whining I can handle for now. ...back to homework :(

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  1. Soo.... can you babysit every night this week and next? Thanks!!!