Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hyrum and Sarah's Wedding

So we got Hyrum married off. After the wedding Jacob, Seth, Angel and I kept quoting My Big Fat Greek Wedding with our Greek ascents, "We thought he never get married, never, never, no never." Here is a picture of the family:

Awe! What a cute family. This was right after the wedding right outside the temple. Can you believe how grown up Angel looks.
Jazz Hands Everybody! Jazz Hands! Mom looks like someone just scared her. I never thought I see the day when dad would do jazz hands. Does Talmage have a look of discuss on his face? What, are you too cool for jazz hands... or maybe not cool enough? It's OK, I still love you.

The bride and all of her sister and sister in-laws.

Work it! Work it! The camera loves you! These posses seem like they should be on the cover of a musical or something.

These pictures of the boys were inspired by gargoyles/body guards for the prez/GQ magazine. Classic.
Ange's probably saying, "which camera do I look at." Caleb looks so happy. He is probably thinking, "if i give them one big smile then that will be enough and I'll get get to go eat at sweet tomatoes." Hyrum giving a big side bear hug to Amanda, our sister who was there in spirit, her excuse: "i am in misery and can not leave.'" (OK maybe it was more like Missouri and i guess it is a bit hard to sneak out of your mission for a couple days, minor detail.) Rick is probably thinkin' of something mischeivious, he has that look that he is up to no good. Jacob wondering, "why is my right are growing out of my chest?" Seth is probably thinking, "uuuuuuuh." Me thinking, "There are too many cameras, I'll just look at the one right in front of me."

The happy couple, my mom and dad (Hyrum's side, and Sarah's mom and dad (Sarah's side).

Rubbing my pregnant belly for good luck. Yep Nikki, it does look like i have a foot growing out of my skirt.


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  2. P.S. the extra people in the "Jazz Hand" pic are pretty much the coolest people with the name of Robinson ever... Good luck with moving!