Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trip to Vegas

Talmage and I left last Wednesday for Vegas. We got to Vegas late that night. On the way there we stopped in the middle of nowhere and looked at the stars (man, they were gorgeous) and had a potty brake (don't ask). I hadn't seen the milky way that vividly in a long time. There where just so many of them too. We saw the hoover dam and the two ends of this big ol' bridge that they are building over it. It was huge. I think that the towers (ya know, where the Arizona and Nevada clocks are) look like a city off of star wars at night. For half or so of the trip (from Wickenburg to a ways past Kingman) we read "The Fire of the Covenant." It's a book about the Willie and Martin handcart companies. It is really good and interesting and I would definitely recommend it. Talmage has had mild anxiety from fear that we will never finish. I think that we are both, especially me, bad at starting books but never finishing. But I don't think that this will be the case with this book, it is too interesting. We saw a sign that said that Las Vegas was 30 miles away and we decided to stop and eat at Mac Donald's (We were going to stop before but we couldn't find the subway in Kingman and wanted to turn back but there were no turn offs and no where to turn around for miles. So we bought food and no more than ten minutes away we reached Las Veges. Our first reaction was , "Ya right! That was no thirty miles." But then came to the conclusion that maybe it is thirty miles to Las Vegas but only ten or fifteen miles to the suburbs.

So when we got Nellis Air force Base in Nevada they asked both of us for our military ID. I had gone to get mine before but didn't have our marriage license so was unable to. They let me slide through this time with just a driver's license. And I was all scared that I wouldn't be able to leave the base or do anything on the base without having a military ID. I found out later that I could go to the library, the theater, the workout place (as long as I wore some of Talmage's Air Force workout clothes), craft center, the grocery store and the BX (kinda like a walmart/ mini mall) without an ID. So those are the places I visited while Talmage was gone at work doing his air force job. I bought two really cute shirts at the BX each for $8.00. I am pretty happy about that. I thought the craft store was so cool and had a big collection of scrap-booking stuff. I also looked through a wedding cake book to get some ideas for Sarah and Hyrum's wedding. We saw the hulk at the theater there on base. The tickets were just $4.00 a person, niiiice. It was good, way better then the one that came out a couple years ago.
We went to the strip. Some of the highlights were the water show and gardens inside at the Billagio. The water shows where fountains that shot up out of the water and moved and went up and down with the music. Very cool. The gardens inside had this really cool electric train display. And there was a cool water display, the water looked like glass.
There were bears that were going fishing and where made out of flowers, mark, moss and stuff. There was a tree that looked like the tree off of Pocahontas, ya know the tree that could talk. I liked some of the sculptors and painting I saw in the different hotels and the replica of the Eiffle Tower and the Roman triumpahal arche.

Note: None of these pictures were taken by me, they are courtesy of google but hopefully I'll get an adapter for the camera melanie gave talmage and be able to put more picture on our blog.


  1. Welcome to the armed forces. I have to pay twice as much for groceries now. Oh, and on a side note... you only have to have your ID to get in through bases and posts- you just have to sign in as a visitor. Unless you're with someone with a military ID- then they just let you through. If your car is registered to that post or base.

  2. Twice as much for graoceries? Why?