Thursday, September 25, 2008

Decorating My House

I love decorating, unpacking, organizing etc. so you would think that my house would be unpacked, organized and look cute by now. I have a couple idea's that I want to do to the house and i am bursting waiting to get the time to do them. Don't get me wrong, I get a little done here and there but not on the scale that I would like. I can wait! I am excited!
I have time this saturday but my day is cut in half because I am going to get my hair cute in the middle of the day... I guess it will be a good break.
Oh and this was weird, I went to the walmart off of Power and Ray and they had no fabric / material section. I walked all over the store looking for it and then finally asked a lady that worked their and she said that they didn't have one. Isn't it the unwritten rule that walmart has a sewing and fabric section?


  1. Are you wanting to make curtains? And are you cutting your hair really short?

    Details, baby details.

  2. Yes I want to make curtains and couch pillows. I want to keep my hair fairly long thought, cut 3 inches or less.