Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boy? Girl? ... Both!

When I was first pregant I had a feeling that I would have a boy but then a couple weeks into it the thought and feeling that I was having a girl came. I kept wondering is it a boy or is it a girl? After going back and forth for a while I finally gave up on discerning if it is a boy or a girl. I thought I was going crazy. Yesterday I had an ultrasound and found out that my I am having a girl and a boy! I am having twins! TWINS! I am excited and have been on cloud nine all day long!

Both babies are healthy and "perfect". They have adorable chubby faces. They are both around two pounds. The due date of the boy is January 10th and the girl is due January 12. The due date is based on the babies measurments. The boy is bigger then the girl. But since they are twins they will probably come two weeks early or so.

They are so beautiful! When I found out that I was having twins it seemed so right. I told people that my baby was moving all over the place and was a little gymnest. Now I know that it was two of them moving around.

I am also big. I have had people tell me that I look 8 months along. I am much bigger then Alyssia, my sister in-law, and we are the same length along. But I discarded the idea of having twins because Nikki, my sister-in-law, said that I didn't look big enough to be pregnat with twin.


  1. In my defense, you weren't THAT big until Caleb and I saw you when Lois was at your house. You just sort of... uh... blew up in like two weeks. Also, the only person I saw that was pregnant with twins at like 23 weeks was as big as a house. Also, I think we should reconsider the whole Amanda living with me thing. I'll admit when someone will DEFINITELY need the help more than me.

  2. p.s. If you weren't pregnant with twins, I didn't think you would want people to tell you how massive you were. I was pregnant once and I didn't appreciate people telling me I looked way more huge than I should have been. I was trying to be nice.

  3. WOW that is exciting! I want to see pictures of your cute pregnant self. I bet it is so cool to have two moving babies inside you. You are one blessed mommmy.

  4. OK, now I can officially

    A) believe it

    B) post about it on my blog

  5. Wow! congratulations! How lucky to have a boy and a girl. You need a ticker on your blog that tells how far along you are. Or just a picture:)

  6. HOLY COW!!!! You are in for some serious energy drain-age- but other than that I'm sure it'll be the best time ever! Congrats, not many can get both a boy and girl their first shot ;)

  7. P.S. Annie is set on the fact that you're joking, and won't believe you until she has seen some pics!
    PPS We're holding Jacob's tie for ransom, and the only way he can get it back is if he comes to visit :D Of course we wouldn't mind if the whole family came to get it back!!! PPPS
    We LOVE you guys, and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Has your mom delivered twins before? WOW WOW WOW I'm still so excited for you.

  8. I cant believe this!!! How awesome!!! Grandma called me at 7:30 AM to tell me this news. That is really early in our house. Congrats!! Now show us your preggo self would you??