Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Names

So we are thinking of the names Heber and Hannah for our twins. (Yes Annie, I am for sure having twins!) These name are not set in stone but oddly we had them picked out before we knew we were having twins. His name would be Heber Luke Hansen. I have always like the name Heber. Plus, Heber because Talmage likes Heber C. Kimball and I like Heber J. Grant. Luke from his daddy, Talmage Luke. Her name would be Hannah Raquel Hansen. Hannah because I also have always loved the name Hannah since I was a girl and I think that Hannah from the scriptures is a great example of faith. Raquel from her mommy, me, Rachel Claire.

But who knows they could pop out and not look a thing like a Heber or a Hannah.

Lets hear those twin names that I know you are dying to share.


  1. I see you have figured out how to change you background! good for you, im impressed, im still waiting for amy to change mine!

  2. the girls and I thought of one on the way home today, when Roman said, "I have toes like Tommidge"

    And I remember someone used to call you Timmage.

    Timmage and Tommage and you can add an -ina to one of them for the girl.

  3. It was Talia that used to call me timmidge or sometimes shimmidge

  4. Don't forget great-great something grandpa John Heber Hansen....