Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Babies & Cupboards Don't Mix

Hannah keeps crawling into cupboards and Heber has been shutting her in. Not to mention about ten times a day I am putting cupboards contents back in after they take them out.

Does anyone have suggestion on how to keep kids out of cupboards (favorite kind of child locks, etc.)?


  1. I remember Kimball used to do that all the time at their age. I don't think he does it anymore, so it's safe to say they may grow out of it.

  2. You can get "child-Proof" latch thingies at the hardware store or Walmart.Not sure how well they work with the little "Smarties"

  3. The locks we bought didn't work with our cabinets, so we gave Niran his own cabinet space and put items in it for him to play with. He generally went only to that one. And we always taught him to close cabinet doors from the start so we usually just tell him to close it and he does.