Monday, December 21, 2009

The Hansen Family Christmas Party...

... went off without too many hitches. We had it at our house this year. My selfish reason was so that I could put Heber and Hannah down for bed and not have to deal with two fussy babies. I would rather clean my whole house twice (before and after) than deal with two fussy babies. I know your thinking I am crazy. Another bonus is not having to travel. Especially since we'll be going up to Utah for a Christmas vacation and that is more than enough traveling for me. Plus I love hosting, especially decorating before, you probably think that is crazy. Almost as crazy as loving to wrap presents and giving talks in church. Yeah, that would be me.

Some of things that were eventful for me:

  • I made six big ice candles for the event. I made three the week before for a very small dinner party, just to test it out and they were super cool. I was so excited about the six, but they didn't freeze all the way because the freezer somehow turned off while Talmage cleaned the fridge (candles or a super clean fridge, I choose a clean fridge) . I was bummed but I won't have to make six more for the Grandy Family Christmas Party.
  • Apparently if you turn on our living room fan all the lights go out in half of the house. It was perfect timing, while reenacting the nativity when it was a dark, silent night. Everyone seemed bummed but I secretly was happy thinking we could get a whole bunch of candles and this will be the best, most memorable Christmas party ever!!! ... I know I am such a kid.
  • I got to see my new little niece, baby Gemma. She seriously looks like a doll, all serene.
  • I will never forget the look on Dad Hansen's face when I took his white elephant eatable gift of smoothy mix. He got it back in the end though. Have I ever told you that I heart smoothies? They are probably my favorite dessert. Healthy and delicious, slimy yet satisfying. Dad Hansen must love them too.
  • I was giggling with delight, inside of course, over Heber's shepherd costume. Complete with shepherd head dress and diaper. Hannah was a sweet little angel.
  • The food was incredible!
  • Can't forget the thoughtful gifts exchanges (Thanks Mom and Dad Hansen and Melanie and Lincoln)
  • Sweet little Daisy giving everyone hugs and kisses before she left.
  • The wild kids having a wild good ol' time playing upstairs.
  • Caitlyn and I's inside joke about her moving to California.
  • The Party-After-the-Party playing Dance Dance Revolution Signs was one of my personal favorites.
Thank you, come again.

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