Friday, December 4, 2009

Heber & Hannah's Birthday!

Hannah and Heber had their first birthday yesterday! Can you believe that they are one years old!!! Crazy! So we sang them happy birthday like five times through out the day, gave them extra hugs, kisses and had extra play time with them, let them stay up almost an hour after their bed time. During that time I let them do some of their favorite things like take a bath, chase and be chased by the vacuum and of course play all while they listened to Christmas music and dance (bounced up and down) happily.

Aunt Amanda called them and talked to Hannah on the phone and told her happy birthday, Hannah was just happy to have phone held up to her instead of me taking it away from her.

Grandma Hansen stopped by this morning and gave them birthday presents. Hannah is entranced with her doll

and with the little man that came in the toy truck.

Hannah is "reading" a book from Grandma Hansen.

No birthday cake but I made them banana, oatmeal, wheat muffins topped with bananas today.

Heber is thinking of a wish for his birthday.

Happy because he got his wish

Heber stuffing his face.

Hannah stuffing her face.

Hannah trying to eat her entire cupcake in one bit, candle and all.

Doesn't Hannah kind of look like her cousin Daisy in this Picture?

Heber can't decide if he wants to play with his truck or eat his muffin scraps. He kept going back and forth between the two.


  1. wait a party? no jumping castle? no hundred presents?

    this is so unfair to the babies. They're going to remember this!

  2. It's me, Kayla Skousen Marble

    Happy birthday to your little ones, how adorable they are!!

    I have been organizing a Hyder reunion for this Christmas(the details are on facebook if you add me as your friend I can let you into our Hyder group to see) and am missing your contact information. So please add me as a friend even if you can't come.

  3. I'm referencing your first party Kimball - you just don't remember.

  4. i was still in the incubator my first birthday

  5. Yea Jana, well ya know, We had disneyland reserved for Heber and Hannah so they could have it all to themselves for their first birthday, but you know how things go.

    then we decided to settle for a party, jumping castle, and hundred presents but that was SOOO last year.

  6. Just to tell you, you spelled "Heeber" wrong. You put Heber.
    P.S Just saying.