Monday, February 27, 2012

You want little bit Chinese culture? Yeah yeah, sure.

I unintentionally have been exposing myself more to Chinese culture lately. Here are a few things that have helped give me a little insight into Chinese culture:

  • Reading two historic fiction books set in China during 500AD and the 20th century, respectively. The second one seemed to shock me about how little freedom the Chinese had under communism.

  • Listening to an audio book called The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom. The author's parents emigrated from China to the United States. She talks about the different parenting styles she has been exposed to.

  • I also have a friend who is from China and I have got to learn about China from her. She has fed me and the kids lunch twice and we are so stuffed by the time we leave. They take feeding kids seriously. Her family is very giving. She gives me something every time we hang out. Some of the gifts I have received are a Chinese comb, Chinese pears, meals, animal crackers, Chinese candy, special duck eggs, a box of cereal, etc.

Within the Chinese culture there seems to be a deep desire to sacrifice for their children. All good parents sacrifice for their children and each culture approaches it in different ways. There is so much I can write about their culture but I think the similarities outweigh the differences.

P.S. The title was taken from a line in an SNL skit on the republican presidential candidates.


  1. Thanks for telling us about what you're learning Rachel. It was very interesting. I'm glad you're able to branch out by learning about new cultures. China has never interested me, sad to say, but maybe if I had a friend who was Chinese it would be different. The kids look so happy (and you too).

  2. I like how Olive looks Chinese in the last one. She's doing her part.

  3. Okay, now this makes sense. I thought Talmage was writing this until I saw Mom's comment. It didn't settle well with me that Talmage and the kids were hanging out with a Chinese woman so often.

    I work with a girl from China who moved here when she was 16. She goes back every year and brings back stories that show the difference in culture. Like how they banned facebook and the difference in the voting and court systems. And they don't mind eating dogs.

  4. I just watched the SNL skit. So funny.