Monday, July 23, 2012

A Sailor and an Airman

So here I've been. All of July. At Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA. Setting aside the fact that I miss my family, it's not a bad place. Word on the street is, this place doesn't get too hot or cold all year round. The mornings are cool and the afternoons are warm at most. Often there is a heavy fog in the dawn or dusk that makes it hard to drive. From what I've heard it doesn't get very cold in the winters either.

I've caught seen several coyotes and herons roaming around. 

My days, nights, weekdays and weekends are generally full of work. But I still find time to do a little laundry and grocery shopping.

The machine on the right is this old fashioned, mechanical detergent dispenser.
How did I choose my fruits? Every color of the rainbow. I wonder what Rachel's strategy is...
But it wasn't all lonely. My dear Rachel got a wild hair and decided to drive the 8 hours from Phoenix to Vandenberg AFB. Even though she was sick most of the week she was here, it was still nice to have some company. 

Here we are just before going to church. Doesn't Rachel look like a sassy sailor girl? A sailor and an airman. Who would've thought?


  1. Was it a complete surprise that she showed up and you had no clue?

  2. I love the rainbow of fruits. Were you able to eat all that before they rotted?

  3. You better believe it. In fact we had almost twice as much as that and finished it all.