Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trip to Arizona/California

Rachel and I and the kids recently flew from Virginia to Philadelphia to Phoenix. It is our second time flying with the whole family (my fourth with one or more of the kids). Our first leg of the flight put us along the back row (5 seats wide) and was pretty short.
The second leg had 3 seats together and one by itself (with Olive on one of our laps). I have to brag a bit here—I took on all kids by myself for the majority of the flight. At one point, I got Olive to sleep and was holding her, putting a diaper on Heber with my free-hand (The flight hurt their potty-training progress as they were essentially forced to wet themselves), and diverting Hannah's kicking legs. Meanwhile, Rachel laughed it up with some older gentleman. I wasn't jealous. Not really. Maybe a little. Pictures to follow.

I may have kept my composure, but the kids were nuts! This poor lady in front of Hannah was getting jolted from Hannah's constant kicking. She was sweet. I felt bad. But then this big, tough looking guy in front of us was being such a cry baby. He had his girlfriend consoling him and helping him through this trauma of hearing kids be kids (not even crying or whining, just being a little louder than the average person). I was secretly hoping he would flip out.

Well we eventually made it to Phoenix. I had to run to catch my flight to Santa Barbara, CA where I will be for the next month. Rachel's sister Amanda and husband Jeff picked up her and the kids. They will stay in Arizona, visiting family on both sides.

Filibertos Arizona Burrito that Amanda brought for me that I never ate. We don't get much mexican food in Virginia.


  1. oh my goodness. props to you Talmage for giving Rachel that time on the plane with no kids! Those pictures are so funny!

  2. oh and Rachel needs to call me up and I can meet her at GG's sometime

  3. You should have turned the irritable man on the flirtatious man and then took some pictures. And your job would have been done too.

  4. Why didn't you eat the burro?

  5. I hope you didn't waste that burro.

    That's funny how the girlfriend was consoling the irritated man. I wish he blew up too.

  6. you are an insecure, inconsiderate douche.

  7. Insecure? A good word for someone who goes by anonymous. Inconsiderate? Probably. Although it's not like I just let my kids yell or kick. Believe me it was held to a minimum.

    But I can't imagine how cool you must be leaving an anonymous insult on someone's blog that is intended for a small crowd.